13 quick, random thoughts from our Mediterranean cruise

After spending the last 13 days on a cruise ship, I’m glad to be back on solid land. After all those days going on shore excursions, you get a little stir crazy being on the boat

  1. If you’re going to eat like a beast, you better workout and go on tons of shore excursions else you’re going to get fat like a heifer
  2. 4 hours in Ephesus is enough time to get some history and cook an egg on the marble floor
  3. Wear sunscreen if you’re going up the Parthenon in July. Disgustingly hot isn’t even the right description.
  4. Santorini is gorgeous and it is IMPOSSIBLE to take a bad picture there
  5. When you’re in Santorini  on a cruise ship day, leave Fira immediately and go to Oia
  6. Only in Mykonos, can you herald the appearance of a ridiculously large pelican as a great thing. Pelos, the famous Mykonos pelican is a BOSS. He walks around like he owns the entire island and poses for pictures while on a leisurely stroll through the port.
  7. Horrible signs with misspelling are exactly that … they’re not cute
  8. Breasts or the appearance of them will make you look at any sign, although I really couldn’t figure out the logo to be honest
  9. Maltese houses are kinda ugly with all that limestone.
  10. If you can’t sit on a donkey, then what exactly are you supposed to do at the donkey station in Santorini?
  11. I think even the birds are gay in Mykonos
  12. The lispy Spanish in Barcelona is kinda annoying … at first it’s cute, but then hearing all the lisping just gets old quickly
  13. If you’re going to Delos … spending 10 Euros and finding the guide who wrote the book on the island. We found him and it made all the difference in the Delos experience

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