14 Quick Thoughts about Tallinn

  1. Walking up St Olav’s Church Tower … is not for the following
    • Anyone with claustro or agoraphobia
    • Girls with heels
    • Anyone doesn’t like to sweat
    • Anyone with a fear of dying 😛
  2. Finns treat Estonians like the way Americans treat Mexicans
    • Down to the way they cross to border to drink, use their brothels and treat it like a toilet
  3. Getting piss drunk on the ferry ride to Tallinn from Helsinki is completely acceptable behaviour
  4. Estonians are smart … they built a liquor shopping complex for the Finns
  5. Eating, drinking and generally existing in life is about 1/4 the price it is in Helsinki
  6. Tallinn Old Town is awesome and completely worth at least a full day, even though you can do all the highlights in 4 hours or less
  7. Tallinn Old Town is appropriately named
  8. You can get much better food in Tallinn than Helsinki
  9. There is great graffiti in the town
  10. Using the first class service on the Linda Ferry line is worth it … (Mileage may vary on this one)
  11. Going just to see the Churches (St Olav’s, Aleksand Nevsky, St Nicolas) is completely worth it
  12. Traditional Estonian wear makes me chuckle … it’s like seeing Swiss yodellers
  13. Did I mention I should have spent more time?
  14. Always buy liquor in Estonia before you go back to Helsinki … your pocketbook will feel less of a crotch kick

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