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Tobago 2006 – Englishman’s Bay – Day 2 Pt 2

Tobago 2006 – Englishman’s Bay – Day 2 Pt 2

It was such a long day that I had to actually break up the blog into two separate parts. After the waterfalls, our guide told us to go on side road to get to the Roxborough-Parlatuvier Road. This road goes through the Tobago Forest Reserve and is definitely a very scenic drive. Tobago’s well preserved forested central mountain range is the oldest protected nature reserve in the western hemisphere. It was declared a reserve in 1764 shortly after the island fell under British rule. It is the only forest protected specifically to preserve the watershed. After a long drive through ... Read More »

Pigeon Pt and Argyle Waterfalls – Day 2

The next day we got up bright and early to head to down to Pigeon Point and to Store Bay. Store Bay in the morning is great and the water was crystal clear. Gary was coming in at about 11am, So Tara I figured that we would get an early start by taking in the water at Store Bay. One of the great things about this bay and why many parties are always staged there, is because it is small, has good facilities and the water is very calm. So by about 8:30am, we were in the water, getting completely ... Read More »

Tobago 2006 Day 1 – Travelogue

Got into Tobago from Trinidad at about 11:20am. Now that isn’t really a bad thing except that our flight was supposed to leave at 8:20 and get there about 18 minutes later. In Trinidad, the one thing you learn very quickly (well Tara learned very quickly) was that in Trinidad, nothing generally leaves on time. The reason for the delay was ‘engine trouble’, but I had read in the newspaper earlier that morning that there was a labour strike by airport workers, so I knew what to expect, so of course, I went for a couple pieces of KFC in ... Read More »