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Nights in Tortola…and maybe a nice commute…

Sometimes we forget how nice, things are in our neck of the woods. For instance, while people in the Islands will complain about the work, the people and the slow pace of progress; there are some amazing things that one can take for granted i.e. A cool night breeze with the smell of the ocean Clear nights drinking good rum on the beach and having some local delicacy : Shark and Bake, Crabs, Fried Fish etc A harvest moon on the ocean horizon at night Living on the mountainside facing the Caribbean Sea, and from the back of the house, ... Read More »

Went travelling through the Puerto Rican Rainforest and through some Forts in Old San Juan

http://rishiray.smugmug.com/gallery/2691967_CZkyC#142556198_uDsxw Read More »

The second best commute to work….

As part of our working lives, we have to get to work in the mornings. Work is just a necessary fact of life, and as much as we complain about the whole thing, it does serve a very useful purpose in our lives. I think it is to give purpose and meaning as well as to give us something to complain and talk about in our daily lives. That being said, getting to work in the morning can be dreary as hell… unless your commute goes something like this…. 7.30am : Wake up 8.00am: Leave house 8.05am: Drive down scenic ... Read More »

Nights and randoms in BVI

  Of course, no visit to the island would be without a visit for some rum shopping. I wonder how long the Pusser’s rum will last in my shelves. Read More »

Touching down in Antigua

So while getting heading back to Toronto from my trip in Trinidad, I had the opportunity to stop off in Antigua for two days. Lemme say that Antigua is a tiny little island that is more known to me for the the Antigua Recreation Ground (ARG), that very famous bowler’s graveyard that saw Brian Lara break the highest individual test score world record twice in 1994 and 2004.   I wish I had more pictures but given my camera’s difficulties at this time, I was lucky I even had pictures of the airport. But this is what the island of ... Read More »