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Elephants, Ladyboys and Working Girls in Phuket

So Tara and I check into our hotel and the pool and everything looks quite inviting at night. The next morning, you know it’s gonna be an interesting day, when you finish swimming on the beach by your hotel and there is a baby elephant walking about his own business in your hotel. After swimming and everything, Tara and I decided to go grab ... Read More »

Exeter : 6.30 – June 22nd … 4 days till my birthday…*sigh*

So long day so far…. But everything going ok.. decided to spec a box and what not and oh Nick decided to tell me that they are going to have a child. I don’t know how to take this news, since this has kinda thrown me for a loop. I guess I am getting a bit old now and what ... Read More »

Exeter : 5.30am

Well this was an early start to the morning, so got to the station, and proceeded to crash all through the 3.30 hr train ride to the south of England. The weather was absolute rubbish though: cold, damp and muggy…hence typical English weather!! Checked in at the hotel at about 9.30 or so, and then got to work for about ... Read More »

London – 9am in the hotel room

This was a busy, busy morning, since I was booked in London but there was mass confusion at the HC-UK office and no client visits were scheduled and hence I was being seriously stressed out by Heather, but some IMs between Alan and I, cleared up things nicely. A call from Scott also helped to realign things quickly and it ... Read More »

Arriving in London – about close to midnight

No big sets of worries here, got in fine, no customs troubles, which I expected having come in from Israel. No issues with the tube from Heathrow and no issues getting to the hotel. However, the Thistle Victoria hotel, is a grand old hotel in the middle of London, but it is OLD… did I say Old? I meant dusty ... Read More »

Leaving Tel Aviv for London

Leaving Tel Aviv was something else on this trip. Since I thought that the majority of the security was actually when you were coming into Israel, I was typically relaxed on my journey back. From the hotel, I had to get a cab from The Dan Tel Aviv to the airport. So I got a cab in front the airport ... Read More »

Working at Ness in Tel Aviv – 18th June, 2007

Final work day with Hagit at Given Imaging, got most of the SAP data issues under control, got the position to position issues completed via custom RFC. Long day as usual. Once the day was done at 6pm or so, Itai and I headed off to the hotel, but I expressed my insane craving for a bacon burger, since being ... Read More »

Jerusalem Photo Log

http://rishiray.smugmug.com/gallery/3011865_ioZPA#163516912_j8rCK Read More »

Floating in the Dead Sea? Don’t open your eyes!!

Getting to the Dead Sea is fairly easy – in fact it is quite easy and you can approach from a number of directions in Israel. From Jerusalem (39km from Northern Dead Sea) From Eilat (220km from Southern Dead Sea) From Tel Aviv (98km from Northern Dead Sea). Since, I was situated in Tel Aviv, then it meant taking a ... Read More »

Masada and the Dead Sea……

Masada and the Dead Sea……

So leaving from the Dan Tel Aviv was a chore in itself this morning, since I had to rise quite early as Masada was a good two hours away from Tel Aviv. So on the way was pretty uneventful except for the young soldiers you pass on the road with those huge machine guns. Once you get to Masada there ... Read More »