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So back to Toronto!

Well ‘m back in cold Toronto, and yanno what… I couldn’t be happier, even though I have to head back to work and the weather is freezing cold, I can only take about two weeks in Trinidad until I get completely bored of the place and the total lack of anything remotely relevant to do except got to bars, go ... Read More »

Carnival Sunday in Moka….$800 for a ticket, really?!!?

Man to tell you how inflation and demand has allowed promoters to assrape people into buying tickets for this fete! Over the year the price of Moka tickets has skyrocketed!!! 2004 : $300 2005 : $400 2006 : $600 2006 : $750 2008 : $800 This fete is exactly the same thing over the last 5 years. The food is ... Read More »

Soca Monarch in Queen’s Park Oval – really? With all the natives?!?! Really!

Yes really!! I went to Soca Monarch in the Queen’s Park Oval. But we had Richard to guide us and give us the lay of the land! It was sooo funny though, since among Beena, myself and even Sal, we were a bit intimidated by the whole mass of humanity! So Richard gave Sal the following rules, since of course ... Read More »