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Jökulsárlón – Have I mentioned that Icebergs are pretty??

Jökulsárlón is the best known and the largest of a number of glacial lakes in Iceland. It is situated at the south end of the glacier Vatnajökull between Skaftafell National Park and Höfn. Appearing first only in 1934-1935, the lake grew from 7.9 km² in 1975 to at least 18 km² today because of heavy melting of the Icelandic glaciers. Approaching a depth of 200 m, Jökulsárlón is now probably the second deepest lake in Iceland. Jökulsárlón is separated from the sea by only a short distance, and the combined action of the glacier, the river that empties from the ... Read More »

Myvatn in a nutshell….

So after heading past Myvatn… we decided that of course we would attempt the Western Fjords… but Myvatn is full of a lot of things to see…from awesome convection rainbows, mud volcanoes, real volcanoes, lava fields, dormant volcanoes with lakes in them….you get the idea… Iceland is a nature lover’s paradise, but definitely if you are into Volcanoes … Iceland is really one of the must go places in the world…. Read More »

So day three of the Most Extreme Elimination Challenge continues…..

Two days ago, our intrepid travellers braved the dangers and stupidity of crossing a slightly dried out river bed downstream from a glacier. I of course, fell into a nice little sinkhole but bravely jumped out and ensured no catastrophe, while Lev decided that Ice Caverns were his things, thinking he was a mountain barashka, hopping from boulder to boulder, realized that you couldn’t hop, if a boulder disappeared into the river. We passed test 1 of Iceland, which would be Glacier diving and falling! Yesterday, we attempted the Super 4X4 relay, where an adventurer decided to go hard core off ... Read More »

Gale force winds greet us this morning….

Well it is about 8.21am now, and we are greeted by some gale force winds, so the travel plan for today is to head from Thorshofn to Fontur, then to Mvatyn then Akureyri. The point on the map at Hraunhafnartangi is the Northern most point over here and is into the Arctic Circle…. so we’re kinda excited at that…. the official description is the following: Langanes is a large and long peninsula to the east of the Thistilfiord Bay. The undulating landscape, 200-400 m high, gradually narrows to a sharp point called Fontur. The highest mountain, Mt. Gunnolfsvikurfjall, dominates the ... Read More »

On the road to nowhere, you better know how you came there….

On the road to nowhere, you better know how you came there….

This should be watchwords for everyone… regardless of circumstances, but today on day 6 of the Icelandic Express passing through. Getting out of the house this morning was something else, especially since blogging for two hours since 6.15am. So on the way to Fontur, the road is quite rough but we thought hey this car is a 4X4 and it should make this road with no issues… well we did make the road with no issues aside from a blown fuse for the cooling fan which caused the engine to overheat but we saw it and flipped a fuse and ... Read More »

Wow.. the days are passing so quickly here…..day 5 ends in a pleasant surprise…near the Arctic Circle

Sept 16th 10.20 pm IST: One of the great things about travelling is that you are always … and I mean always surprised by something during the trip. Trinidad used to be a place, a long time ago… long long time ago, where people wouldn’t lock their doors, they weren’t behind huge metal fences, and didn’t have to worry about someone trying to kidnap them if they had visible money. Well tonight, we ended up in a nice little town of Thorshofn, (North East, Iceland). It is a small fishing village that also serves the surrounding rural farming area. It ... Read More »

thoughts by the end of Day 4….

full travelogue to follow but random thoughts so far The same way Americans have Mexicans in the US to do certain things for them, I have decided that I must find each countries version of Mexicans, hence: The Polish are the Mexicans of Iceland The Guyanese are the Mexicans of Trinidad The Indians are the Mexicans of Germany The Algerians are the Mexicans of France And Mexicans are the Mexicans of the US ….. more Mexicanisms to follow Oh yeah, Quebecers are the Mexican-ts of Canada <updated Sept 2010> Nicaraguans are the Mexicans of Panama Colombians are the Thai hookers ... Read More »

Vik to Seljalandsfoss to Hohn…. ok we didn’t get to Hohn….we’re now in Kirkjubaejarklaustur

So after the adventure of last night with the lighting and scaling of the falls… we were both pretty hyped up for today going down South Iceland. My first priority was really get back to Seljalandsfoss to take some photos by day, since we were so blown away at night. Now one of the great thing about travelling is that you sometimes meet some very extraordinary people who all have their own personal missions and philosophies about travelling. In the hostel, this morning while I was uploading last night’s pictures, there was this bunch of elderly people; and by elderly ... Read More »

Day 3….7 a.m… blogged the second day … brekkie time..

So all up early and all this morning.. time for breakfast… we’re going back to see Sejalandsfoss by day… then who knows from there….time for the shower!!!! Read More »

Southwest Iceland, crazy changing weather and midnight Sejalandsfoss climbing….man I’m beat!!

It is 7am here right now on Sunday morning, and the sky is finally clear and I can see sunshine to start but after a second day of hardcore driving, we deserve a longer rest. So continuing from our first day adventures, Lev and I got up at noon yesterday. He was a bit worse for wear but miraculously remembered where we had parked the car last by Oudua’s house, thankfully I got some extra sleep but once again got up with no hangover to speak of really! The Russians were talking about us though, with our late arrival back ... Read More »