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What’s going on at 4.30am on Ipanema..

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Escalators, trains and cans of Olive Oil at Christ the Redeemer

Escalators, trains and cans of Olive Oil at Christ the Redeemer

We live in an age of convenience and instant gratification. More is done with less and efficiency is one of the prime tenets of a successful business venture. However, when one goes to a world famous tourist attraction but is then greeted by a train, then an elevator and then two escalators, you have to wonder about the romance of tourism being almost dead. Christ the Redeemer, is the most famous feature in Rio de Janeiro, maybe perhaps in South America and is as iconic as the Eiffel Tower or the CN Tower. In my travels, I have seen some pretty amazing things, but ... Read More »

A pick me up … Tikal in the morning!

A pick me up … Tikal in the morning!

Nothing like a reminder of lovely places and sunrises as a pick me up in the morning. [smugmug url="http://www.rishisankar.com/hack/feed.mg?Type=gallery&Data=4184416_domQF&format=rss200" title="Guatemala" description="Tikal%20%7C%202008%20%7C%2018th%20Jan%202008" imagecount="5" start="1" num="5" thumbsize="Th" link="smugmug" captions="false" sort="false" window="true" smugmug="true" size="L"] Read More »

Colonia…sleepy but cute…no words necessary

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Going to Colonia or Montevideo from Buenos Aires … here are a couple tips!

One would assume that trying to book a ferry trip from Buenos Aires to Colonia or Montevideo should be a fairly simple process. You look online, find your ticket, purchase and then show up at the Ferry terminal and take your ferry. This is a “Western” assumption on how processes should work. This assumption is highly erroneous in the Latin American context! Trying to book the right fare online from the Buquebus website is an exercise in utter futility, since the website currently times out, invokes errors and cannot properly process any credit card transactions. In North America, we assume ... Read More »

Sunny days in Lujan

The City of Lujan is located 68 Km away from the City of Buenos Aires, and it is characterized by the hospitality offered to travelers. In Lujan we will be able to find the Neo Gothic temple that worships the Virgin of Lujan. This majestic basilica with its two towers can be seen on arrival to the city from the highway leading to Lujan. Photolog link : http://www.rishisankar.com/Travel/Argentin/Lujan-2009-14th-November-2009/10317916_b6S6Y   Read More »

Milanesas at Kentucky Pizza? Clam bombs on Pizza and Choripan at Retiro train station…

Gotta love the food here! After  a couple day here, I am starting to figure out that BA is a town of many things but the place called Kentucky Pizza is by far a porteno thing. It seems that everyone has a Kentucky Pizza story, it’s like a Rol San story in Toronto, everyone has been there and everyone has an opinion on the place. The funny thing is that Kentucky and Pizza are not the two words that should every go together in food, unless you are looking for some serious gut rot! Well they had a gazillion types ... Read More »

Nightshooting in Buenos Aires

Floralis Generica is a beautiful sculpture located in United Nations Park in Buenos Aires.  This Park is right next to the Recoleta district (actually across the street from the Recoleta flea market on weekends) and is next to the Law School. Floralis Generic is a giant, 23 meter sculpture made of steel and aluminum (its weight is 18 tons). The structure of the flower is made of steel and the shiny panels in the petals are made of aluminum.  The sculpture moves, closing its petals at night and opening them during the day.  It has some lighting for special ocassions ... Read More »

Taking taxis in Buenos Aires – a general guide.

This should be easy right? You just hold up your hand and a taxi stops. You jump in, taxi takes you to your destination and you pay. End of process and go on with your day. If you came to Buenos Aires and you believe this, then I have an island to sell you. Know when to grab a taxi: If it is raining or it’s the rush hour, forget about that and go out into the street to hail a cab instead. Whilst Buenos Aires is relatively safe by Latin American standards, it is important to remember some basic ... Read More »

What to do in Puerto Iguazu at night??

Someone just asked me what does one do at night in Puerto Iguazu? Like most places that is situated close to the jungle, there isn’t a ton of things to do? Pffffffttt yeah right!! I was amazed at the fact that on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night there were bars that were open to 5 or 6am. It really makes Toronto look damn shameful, well in fact most North American cities are pretty shameful in this respect, with all our liquor laws and zoning regulations. Of course, one can argue that with the insurance rates, drunk driving, alcohol abuse ... Read More »