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So you’re in Panama … and you want to get drunk …

no suprises, of course! There are three main touristy areas in Panama City that you could do, but only two places that will be absolutely thumping! Calle Uruguay is a neighborhood filled with bars and discos for wealthy Panamanians and foreigners. We went along the street twice in our three days and I would liken the scene to a “West Mall” thing in Trinidad or “Yorkville” in Toronto. Zona Viva (pronounced “Zohnahabeeba” .. all one word). This is an enclosed party district, guarded by the tourist police – you will need to show ID or your passport. I didn’t have ... Read More »

A Trini, a Thai and a Russian walk up to a Panamanian bartender …

then you can pretty much add any ending to that joke you would like. Panama has definitely not been on my bucket list of destinations. Panama’s claims to fame in my mind have the been The Panama Hat (which btw, isn’t even Panamanian – it’s a traditional brimmed hat of Ecuadorian origin that is made from the plaited leaves of the toquilla straw plant – Teddy Roosevelt wore the thing when the Canal was being built and everyone associated the hat with Panama) Manuel Noreiga – no explanation needed Some sort of engineering marvel or whatever you want to call the “big ravine” ... Read More »

Are there ferries in Ferryland?

So you’re in Newfoundland, and a couple thoughts might pass through your head, such as “Ok, I expect to have the best fish and chips around, since these people know their fish” “I feel like scotch, since this place looks like what I imagined Wuthering Heights to look like when I was in my form 3 English Literature class” “Am I in Scotland? I could sure use some scotch … preferably a dram or two of Bunnahabhain 25 Year Old“ First passages of Hamlet … What would Bilbo Baggins do on a hike over the hills here to Mordor? Walking ... Read More »

Cheapest Days to Fly and Best Time to Buy Airline Tickets

Cheapest Day to Fly – Wednesday We did an in-depth study of our proprietary historical airfare database (world’s largest) and pinpointed the cheapest day to fly is Wednesday for domestic travel (gory details at the link). Wednesday is one of the three cheapest days, the others are Tuesday and Saturday (Friday and Sunday the most expensive days to travel). The cheapest day to travel internationally are a bit different — we are working on this research and it should be up shortly. The cheapest time to fly is typically the first flight out in the morning – yes, that means ... Read More »

Never check luggage for a weekend trip

Time is money … we’ve all heard that before, but few people truly realize that they can save heaps of time in airports by looking at what they carry on to a plane; they can also save a few bucks at the same time. All these airlines, now levy an extra charge for checked baggage, but this is only the start of what’s fast becoming a textbook example of how to nickel and dime consumers. Blankets, pillows, headphones and — believe it or not — bathroom access are all becoming pay onboard now. Welcome to the “Great Ass Raping at 30,000 feet”. Since I travel ... Read More »