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Why doesn’t anyone talk about Fremont Street?

{September 11th 2010} Everytime someone goes to Vegas, they talk about the food, the shows, the gambling and those weird Hispanic guys who slap the hooker flyers on their hands at you to get your eye contact. People will tell you about the 2 ft high Hurricane slushies that you can buy at the front of the Imperial Palace and ... Read More »

So you’re in St Louis and you’re in the mood for an awesome hot dog …

then there is only one place you go to … don’t stop, dont pass GO, do not collect $200, proceed directly to the “awesomeness” of Iron Barley. This fine establishment is definitely not the height of culinary excellence. They do not pretend to be anything more than what they are … a place that makes ridiculous hot dogs. Iron Barley ... Read More »