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Why doesn’t anyone talk about Fremont Street?

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{September 11th 2010} Everytime someone goes to Vegas, they talk about the food, the shows, the gambling and those weird Hispanic guys who slap the hooker flyers on their hands at you to get your eye contact. People will tell you about the 2 ft high Hurricane slushies that you can buy at the front of the Imperial Palace and about the dancing girls at the front of the Mirage. They’ll tell you about how great the Bellagio was and that the shopping in Caesar’s Palace is absolutely ridiculous.

What don’t ever seem to hear from people is that if you take a shuttle and head over to Fremont Street in “Downtown Las Vegas”, you can have a great experience at 1/2 the price of everything on the strip. Need souvenirs … head over to Fremont Street. Need $5 blackjack to waste your time away, then head over to Fremont Street. Need to see all the impersonators in full costume … head over to Fremont Street. Need that 2ft slushie Hurricane with a half a bottle of Everclear … well … don’t get that … I think my crotch hurt from that Everclear stuff. You get the idea!

I might have forgotten something else … it might have been a ridiculous fishtank …

Actually, I think I might have forgotten the Fremont Street experience in Viva Vision across the last 6 years. Over the last couple of years, things have gotten substantially better on Fremont Street. The staples like Binions, 4 Queens and Glitter Gulch are still there, but definitely I think you get a better run for your money at Fremont Street.



Even from 2010

You have to head to the Golden Gate casino. This was the first casino in Vegas. There are interesting historical notes inside the hotel like a piece of the first phone line to be built into Vegas. Just walking to the back of any of these casinos will give you a sense of how Vegas has changed over the decades. Ignore all the feedback about how it is a man made ghetto and the sense of desperation and blah blah blah … never let someone else paint your imagination.

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So you’re in St Louis and you’re in the mood for an awesome hot dog …

then there is only one place you go to … don’t stop, dont pass GO, do not collect $200, proceed directly to the “awesomeness” of Iron Barley. This fine establishment is definitely not the height of culinary excellence. They do not pretend to be anything more than what they are … a place that makes ridiculous hot dogs.

Iron Barley is one of those places everyone has heard about but will get around to visiting “one of these days.” Well, “one of these days” is becoming less and less of an excuse, especially when the place has been on TV a couple times for their Monte Cristo hot dog.

Our server Mark, embodied the apparent spirit of Iron Barley: casual, friendly, and humble. If you’re looking for cleavage or giggles over light beer, this is not the place for you yet our server was able to speak like the very accommodating owner of a house we happened to stumble into after smelling good food from the street.

Now from the video is the real deal … I have to say that as a non cheese eater who really hates the smell of anything sweet, this hot dog was an assault on my senses, however our 98 lb Filipina test eater Faye was obviously up to the challenge. Note the size of the double hot dog to her body.

Note in the picture below the relative sizes, there are no tricks of perspective – we used a very simple camera 🙂

As for why is “Iron Barley” called “Iron Barley” … our server Mark mentioned that everything is cooked in Iron grilles and that they use no other cereal/grain than barley. For instance, take the Oak smoked double cut pork loin, with barley risotto … that barley risotto is cooked in pork stock, with tomatoes, peppers and two types of sugar, among the ingredients and it is phenomenal.

Finally, the meal ended up with a Peanut Butter Chocolate cheesecake that had cumin and black pepper in the crust,  a habenero chili spiked whipped cream, floating in a strawberry habanero coulis.

All in all .. one of the best places to drop by in St Louis.

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