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Which dead city should I visit?

As a traveler, there come’s a time when you done the following Taken so many pictures that they all blur into each other … even the best pictures you’ve taken. Talked to so many people in the hope of having that one trip or life altering conversation … only to realize that it is the combination of all those conversations that will help you. Walked around so much that your feet hurt, your hips ache and your soul cries … only to figure out that sometimes being at home is where you’ll find yourself. I feel like that time is ... Read More »

Going North to Blanchisseuse

Growing up in Chaguanas or Central/South Trinidad meant that going up “North” was a prettybig event. My parents being your very typical Indo-Trinidadians didn’t like the hustle and bustle of “North”. As you might figure, going up “North” meant that you were going to Port of Spain and the North Coast. In Trinidad, we use four directions North – means Port of Spain, Diego Martin South – means San Fernando East – means Arima Central means Chaguanas If you get in a taxi and ask if they’re heading north, they will invariably think, you mean Port of Spain. Note that ... Read More »