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So you think can swim … Tobago Style … Castara Bay, Englishman’s Bay, Parlatuvier Bay, Bloody Bay

  When you’re from Trinidad, you think that the world has things that are better, prettier and more well known. I can safely say that driving along the Leeward Coast of Tobago has to rank amongst the prettiest drives with some of the beach vantage points in the world. Many Trinis/Tobagonians take these things for granted, as most do not have a ... Read More »

Heading to Speyside & Little Tobago

The drive from Crown Point to Little Tobago or Bird of Paradise Island, involves going down the Windward Road through Roxborough into the sleepy village town of Speyside. Once you’re there, there are two ways you can get to the Little Tobago island reserve. Hire a fishing charter that will cost about $350 ($58USD) each. They will offer a nice guided tour around ... Read More »

Store Bay, Tobago … nothing much needs to be said …

Getting from Trinidad to Tobago is an easy plan; no hassle, short flight, no crazy drivers that one has to worry about in Trinidad. If you’re in Tobago, after taking the 14 minute flight from Trinidad, your next steps should go something like this … Call pre-arranged taxi rental company to pick you up from airport and head straight to the ... Read More »

Trinidad’s Pitch Lake with a side of Debe Doubles …

Trinidad’s Pitch Lake with a side of Debe Doubles …

It’s been about 20 years since I last went to the Pitch Lake in La Brea. One might ask why I haven’t been back to this geological phenomenon located right in my “backyard” in Trinidad in so long … well it’s simple really … it’s always been there and will always be there. As for the facts The Pitch Lake ... Read More »

Tadjah night hunting in St. James

This is the reaction I got tonight from the folks at home (note Trini English)… <Dad> Where are you out to tonight? <Me> Hosay <Dad> Huh? Yuh mean in St. James? But it not safe down there … it have so much crime there <Me> I’ll be fine … <Dad> Who yuh meeting? <Me> People …. Anyway for years I’ve ... Read More »

100 things to do in Trinidad & Tobago … your condensed list!

100 things to do in Trinidad & Tobago … your condensed list!

So you’ve just just touched down in Trinidad, but wondering what things to do in Trinidad & Tobago? Should I hang out in Trinidad, spend two days, then bask on the beaches of Tobago? Every post on Lonely Planet, Couchsurfing seems to ask this, when it comes to Trinidad. Aside from the ridiculously obvious ones … there is actually tons ... Read More »

Don’t touch my junk … bro!

As part of the Monday morning commute to the client site, we in the consulting business undergo the “Monday Morning Blues”. However our commute isn’t just only traffic and dumb drivers on the snowy highways of Toronto, Montreal or some random North American city, we also have to go through the US Customs process and the Security check. Want to ... Read More »

Who makes the best Shish Taouk in Montreal?

Best Shish Taouk in Montreal? There are very few things that will drive people in Montreal to violence …for instance, saying one of the following  in Montreal will almost surely lead to a “Big Momma Beat Down” Saying that the Toronto Maple Leafs are better than Les Canadiens Saying that Toronto or Parisian Bagels are better than the Montreal version. ... Read More »