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Monday Morning Consultant … Jan 31st 2011

At the airport, I usually have an hour or so to kill … my usual reading will consist of the following forums Mileage run forums at Flyer Talk : This is a standard for anyone in consulting. Maximizing your travel windows and getting the most miles for a future trip. This is basic training for any travel ninja! Account balances ... Read More »

Adding Volcano Boarding to my bucket list … check!

Adding Volcano Boarding to my bucket list … check!

Volcano boarding Nicaragua? Well, over the past day and half … I’ve been doing as much as I can to learn of things to do in a cool weekend in Nicaragua. I’ve learn’t that there are lots of volcanoes over there, as the name “Nicaragua” means the land of lakes and volcanoes. True to its country’s nickname, the town of ... Read More »

Monday Morning Consultant … Jan 24th 2011

In consulting, we talk about work-life balance. In fact, this is a fallacious notion that consultants would love to subscribe to. Really … we would! In recruiting sessions at Universities, e-mails from other prospective consultants and grad students, other management consulting websites … it is funny to see/hear/listen to comments like this I know that the Management Consulting profession is ... Read More »

A weekend in Managua … don’t mind if I do …

So only two more countries to knock off Central America, so a little weekend in Managua, Nicaragua would be a good start – March. Of course, I’ve heard and read great things about the “safest” country in Central America. As a rule, most capital cities are never that interesting, so the first instinct is do a couple of day trips ... Read More »

Monday Morning Consultant … Jan 17th 2011

Today is the start of the new little feature called Monday Morning Consultant. When traveling for work, there are a couple things, that consultants regardless of company, practice, etc go through. The usual script follows something like the following Wake up on Monday morning between 3-6am. The world is dead asleep and you’re probably sleepwalking. Of course, the kids/wife/GF/Dog is ... Read More »

10 reasons why I love Tobago but hate going there!!!

This is a general shout out and blogger rant to all the people in Tobago who work in the tourist industry or what purports to be a tourist industry. I don’t live in Trinidad anymore – some days I’m sad about this, but all it takes to remind me that I’m glad to visit but not stay in Trinidad is ... Read More »