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60+ countries and Trini KFC is still the best … I can’t understand what is up with Jollibee’s

Ok! I said it … at the risk of alienating every Filipino on the planet – I think Jollibee’s SUCKS! Then again I think McDonalds is the worst food product ever invented by man – since it isn’t even food – and once again Filipinos love McDonalds. I even tried the KFC in Manila  and that too sucked! Like seriously ... Read More »

Cock Derbies in the Pasay City Cock Pit … cock, cock, cock!!!!

Cock Derbies in the Pasay City Cock Pit … cock, cock, cock!!!!

Personal Note : I neither approve nor disapprove of animal bloodsports, as my travelling allows me to respect every culture’s right to their traditions and customs, even if they run counter to my own personal beliefs. This blog post is not a treatise on the relativity of morality to time, politics and prevailing zeitgeist. I didn’t support Michael Vick when he was training ... Read More »

Making noodles at Circles – Shangri La Makati

I can’t even begin to describe how awesome this noodle chef was. In addition, to making one of the finest bowls of noodle soup, I’ve ever eaten, I also get dinner theatre! [smugmug url=”http://www.rishisankar.com/hack/feed.mg?Type=gallery&Data=16253047_vPccm&format=rss200″ title=”Noodle%20Magic%20@%20Circles” imagecount=”5″ start=”1″ num=”5″ thumbsize=”Th” link=”smugmug” captions=”false” sort=”false” window=”true” smugmug=”true” size=”L”] Link to bargain holidays Read More »

Eating D’Food in D’Talipapa

If you’re ever in Boracay, an absolute must do on your list has to be grabbing a bite at the Wet Market in D’ Talipapa. The concept is extremely simple … Go to the Wet Market Pick out any type of seafood you can find – dead or alive – note that anything living will cost more – since it’s fresher! ... Read More »

Island hopping in Boracay

Island hopping in Boracay

Boracay Island is your typical little tourist island that started as a hidden little treasure and then morphed into a tourist haunt because of the famous white sand beach – not unlike your Roatan in Honduras, San Andres Island in Colombia or Caye Caulker in Belize. When you do get there, it’s almost mandatory that you do some island hopping ... Read More »

What’s Tagalog for “FML!!” .. I’ll tell you, it’s Pagsanjan Falls! [Pagsanjan Falls Travel log]

Pagsanjan is about 2 hours away from Makati. We left Makati at 12.45pm on Saturday afternoon, so there was a bit of traffic on the road out of Manila, but once we got to the SLEX, it was smooth sailing. To get there, take the South Super Highway (SLEX) all the way down to the last exit — Calamba, Laguna. ... Read More »

Sunsets and Volcanoes in Tagaytay : How to hike up Taal Volcano

After a long day and night of working onshore and offshore  hours, I decided that there should be an impromptu trip to Tagaytay and the Taal Volcano. In the grand scheme of things, this seemed like a good plan but because of a lack of preparation, this could have been a better trip. Tagaytay is about 90 mins away from Manila ... Read More »

Batad is definitely a wonder of world … dont know what number though?

Sunday 6th, March 2011 After the trouble in getting to Batad Pouring rain Ill equipped vehicle – CRVs are not jeepneys and should never be considered for true offroading Hiking 20 mintues to the Saddle Attack of the “splats” from eating “Spaghetti Bolognaise” at Hotel Banaue We then had to actually do the hike down from the Saddle into Batad properly ... Read More »

Where to get a taste of the world in Manila?

Buffets as a dinner concept hold nothing special to me. I’ve seen the buffets all across the world and they’re all the same – heaps of food – generally lower quality ingredients and the same stale variety of food within the buffet itself. However it seems that hotel buffet dining is something of a sport in Manila, which I would ... Read More »

Welcome to the Real Batad …

In coming to the Philippines, I had one major travel goal to achieve i.e. Get myself to Banaue and Batad. Given the description of the hike to Batad from the “Saddle” (the limit of where vehicles could go), I was quite reluctant to attempt this hike given the state of my physical condition : “A fat ass who can lift heavy ... Read More »