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Elephantasm … Finding Elephants in Kandy

Elephantasm … Finding Elephants in Kandy

Elephants are cool. Not just because they are these giant, lumbering beasts (kinda like me) but because they are just cool animals. Normally, they’re so decent and tame, but everyone knows that the last thing you ever want to see, is a rampaging elephant. Probably, the most popular tourist attraction in Kandy (2 hrs from Colombo), aside from Murali (he ... Read More »

Monday Morning Consultant – Maldives Edition — Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa review

Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa Review : Here are a couple questions for you … Who doesn’t like a free night at a hotel? Who doesn’t like a night at an expensive hotel? Who doesn’t like a night at an expensive hotel in an idyllic paradise with a beachside bungalow to die for. No one, right?! This was ... Read More »

Want an epic Saturday night in Stockholm? Look no further …

In every new city, I try to figure out the best way to spend my time in the most effective way possible. Here in Stockholm, I realized that finding a good night out wouldn’t be that difficult, but trying to make an epic night requires a bit of luck along with having circumstances and people go in the right way. ... Read More »

10 thoughts about Stockholm

Having grown up in Trinidad in the 90’s, I came to know two things about Sweden Abba Roxette I thought that all Swedes rocked out hard to Dancing Queen. In fact, I pictured Socialists dancing the night away in glorious free hospitals all revelling in how wonderful their lives are, while smoking Gauloises and drinking Sav (which btw – tastes ... Read More »

Did you notice, you had hooks in your back? Stumbling into Thaipusam in Colombo!!!

Getting into Sri Lanka, is pretty easy although the airport is definitely nothing to write home about. So the following conversation occurs while getting into the Hilton Colombo <Rishi> I can’t wait to get to the hotel, but slumming it, is the Hilton … bleck <Diane> Oh stop complaining, it will be fine. We’re not going to be here for ... Read More »

Monday Morning Consultant – Phuket Edition – Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort Review

Frequent Flyers love the change of new places and countries, but they like consistency in hotels and service just as much as the change in locale – this tends to be a paradox of sorts. It with the search for consistency in mind, that I booked another “Free night” award at the Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort. I chose this ... Read More »

Three things to do for a full night in Phuket: #3 – Get your drink and maybe “U C Ping Pong Show”

Phuket nightlife is pretty legendary and is known internationally for the all night partying. There are many similarities between Cancun and Phuket – so you can do the following. Grab some food Get a massage Go home with a Tuk Tuk The final part of the night would be getting the drink. There are a number of bars off Bangla ... Read More »

Monday Morning Consultant – Bali Edition II – W Hotel Bali Review

I like the W concept … it’s funky, stylish and edgy. I’ve stayed at a couple W hotels and to me, this is now the shining beacon of the Starwood chain. St. Regis is obviously the high end of luxury, but I think they cater to the older, monied crowd, while the W brand caters to the hipper traveller, who ... Read More »

Night exposure from the waterfront : Maldives Style

These are all 30 second exposures using a double stacked table as a tripod. Detailed stats are available on the photolog : http://www.rishisankar.com/Travel/Maldives/Daytripping-in-Male-2011/18322006_FRr2st#1410841686_bMfXgmR-L-LB Read More »

Getting into Full Moon Resort – Maldives (6 thoughts about the Maldives)

I’m about three countries and 10 blog posts behind but after an entirely super relaxing day here in the Maldives – here are the quick hit thoughts. The water is truly some of the most spectacular I have ever seen in my life – this is after seeing some great water in the Caribbean, Central America and Asia (Nothing yet ... Read More »