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Good food and crappy service, does not a meal make! [Chicago Chophouse review]

Calgary isn’t the mega food mecca that one can hope for when booking projects. That being said Alberta AAA beef is a very good standard of beef … which makes for excellent steak eating here in Calgary. After a couple weeks in Calgary, I can say that the steaks here are very good, but will not beat Argentina for quality, price and value of phenomenal steaks or even parts of Brazil. On Stephen Avenue, there is a litany of higher end steak houses, and my goal is that by the end of my project, I would have had the 10 ... Read More »

Let your loyalty to one hotel chain, give you benefits everywhere else [Hotel Status Matching 101]

Ever wondered how those people who stay at hotels in “First Class” style manage to do it? You know the people I’m talking about … they always get the upgrade or best room type, they always have free perks like Free Internet Free Local Calls from the room Welcome amenities : Fruit Basket, Complimentary waters, chocolate and candy Free Breakfast (continental or buffet) Executive lounge and gym access AND Most importantly … Super Late (4-7pm) Checkout (which is the 2nd best perk to have, unless you’re hungover, then it is the greatest thing ever) I’ve only figured out that there are two ways ... Read More »

Times Square @ Night … as much as I hate it, I do love it …

Times Square, also known as the Crossroads of the World, is a small area in New York City bound by 42nd Street to the south, 50th Street to the north, Sixth Avenue to the east and Ninth Avenue to the west. I’ll set the record straight, no self respecting New Yorker loves Times Square … it is touristy, overpriced, tacky and generally a clusterfuck to wander around. Like it or not, Times Square continues to be as mindblowingly WTF-worthy as ever – with the Naked Cowboy and Stripper, Dingy Elmo and Fake Spongebob.  It’s like being in Toronto but not ... Read More »

My 2012 Travel Resolutions

Every year, we make resolutions for the New Year. It is the typical procrastinators excuse … “I’ll wait till the New Year to start the gym/diet/travelling etc” For me, after I’ve made out my mental New Year’s resolution check list to lose weight, be nicer to people, organize my life, get married; I always go back to the top of that New Year’s check list and add ‘travel more!’. Travel keeps my sanity in check during a busy year of work schedules, project plans, and all the hectic personal and social events that life presents us with on a hourly and daily basis … that being said I’ve really stopped ... Read More »

The view from the window @ Sheraton on the Falls

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Getting a great taco in Harlem? Sure .. El Aguila is your spot!

Of course,  has a NYC Best Taco list. There were two places after traveling the strip between Lexington and Second Avenue in the El Barrio section of East Harlem and taste testing at the best taquerias and definitely El Aguila was a winner for me. (Disclaimer .. I’m not the greatest fan of tacos .. I think they’re small and stupid – when you get them in those crappy chain Tex-Mex restaurants) Here is a great criteria list of judging a great taco from Serious Eats (note this is straight copy/paste … why bother, when someone did the work for ... Read More »

7 mindtricks that stop you from travelling big!

“Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going.”… Paul Theroux There are days I hate my job … not because of the challenges or the people or even the waking up in yet another hotel room but just the fact that I’ve had to make this grand bargain with myself. Real life gets in the way of your dreams … yet without going through your real life, your dreams are just a compilation of paper tigers. I allowed myself to get swept away by this tide of reading specs, coworker drama, managing staff and other random ... Read More »

Walking the High Line in NYC : Photo Study

Wallking the High Line Park in pics! The High Line is a 1.45-mile-long (22 blocks) abandoned elevated railway, that stretches from the Hudson Rail Yard at 34th Street down through the West Chelsea gallery neighborhood where it continues on to Gansevoort Street in the Meatpacking district. It has recently been developed into one of New York City’s more remarkable public parks. Opened to the public in June 2009, just a few years ago the High Line’s demolition seemed imminent. The High Line ran from 35th Street down to St. John’s Park Terminal, which covered four riverfront blocks between Clarkson and ... Read More »

One night in Harlem : Soul food, music and some Anthony Hamilton …

I’ll raise my hand and say it. For all the times I’ve been to NYC and then worked in NYC, I’ve only been to Harlem once! And that was for some good eats in Spanish Harlem at the recommendation of some random person on that D spoke to on the subway. I’ve always wanted to spend sometime in Harlem, but I think I had more resistance to the idea than going to see the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Our goal today was food, Anthony Hamilton @ the Apollo Theatre and then maybe some late night jazz at the Lenox Lounge. ... Read More »

Monday Morning Consultant – Westin Calgary review

Calgary is quiet town relative to Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto … in that order. However with all the money that this town is awash in … there seems to be a startling lack of high end hotels in Calgary. So far I’ve stayed at two Starwood properties here …  Sheraton Cavalier and the Westin Calgary Once again, my loyalty has been driven by a triple points promotion that Starwood has going on till Dec 18th, 2011. With the rates that the hotels charge, this basically translates to about 8000 points a week – which is almost a free night in a Category 5 ... Read More »