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Soca in Moka 2012  … so you’re looking for tickets?

Soca in Moka 2012 … so you’re looking for tickets?

I’ve compiled a couple years of photos on Soca in Moka below. I assume that you’re here because you’re looking for tickets for the fete. I’m not here to tell you the fete is overpriced and that it has been overrated for years, because if you’re looking for tickets, then you don’t care about the price of these all inclusives. I could rant about the old times, where the food was just as good but the price was not 15% of average Trini’s monthly paycheck. (And even that percentage is according to 2012 OECD stats, so you know the average ... Read More »

Waterfalling in love in Iceland … My top 5 lazy Icelandic waterfalls

There are a couple things I really happen to like in this world … Scotch A good curry duck … Gondolas / Skycars Waterfalls If you love waterfalls as much as I happen to … then the next place on your bucket list should be Iceland. The land of fire and ice has a couple great things about it Extreme landscapes with raging glacial rivers Vast sand deserts Simmering hot springs The cleanest air and tap water in the world (Probably some of the coldest tap water also) however, you can’t really pass up looking at waterfalls in Iceland. As ... Read More »

Guest Post : Stay somewhere different with AirBnB

Travelling the world is one of those things we all want to do, and its something that many of us take time to plan, plan and plan even more.  Half of the planning goes into “Where to go” and the other half is “Where to stay”. As a travel addict (like Rishi), we’ve travelled all over India and a number of countries in Asia.  Walking around on at a train station in a random city with a backpack, and eating food from a random cart is not out of the ordinary. In planning our latest trip – we had decided ... Read More »

Trinis like salt!! And I’m number 6 in the world … woot!!

Trinis like salt!! And I’m number 6 in the world … woot!!

In Trinidad, we have a cliche… “Trinis like salt … cause they in eeeeeverything!” … Sometimes I wonder what the hell I’m doing in some places myself. I’ve lived in Montreal for a couple years and I survived the great Montreal Icestorm (which really wasn’t that great … but losing electricity across the city makes you understand how pathetic and soft, normal humans are to the elements) … I thought it was pretty cool that it looked like Mr. Freeze walked through Verdun and hit us with his freeze ray. So here in Calgary it’s cold … although not as ... Read More »

I am a food douche … fuh real … and I make no apologies

I am a food douche … fuh real … and I make no apologies

I started watching a movie this weekend …  this insipid Woody Allen movie called “Midnight in Paris” … it was so fucking stupid … I couldn’t even get through the first 20 minutes before getting annoyed … and the reviews talk about the charm and other nonsense … but the awesome part was the character Micheal Sheen played (this douche bag know it all professor) …check out the trailer from 0:23 I hate these type of people with a passion and I always swore I would never become THAT guy. Think about the following scenarios with that guy .. You ... Read More »

I want to be the most travelled Trinidadian in the world …

There … I said it! It’s not some huge achievement … it’s really just a goal. So I’m aiming to hit my 100th country before 40 (6 years from now), which shouldn’t be a difficult goal, but then the most difficult commodity to find in your 30′s is actually time! All the social pressures are multiplied and the gloves come off in terms of social pressures to conform … Gotta get married Got to have kids before the woman’s eggs are dried up and we end up with special children Got to find money to pay for the ring and ... Read More »

Crooked street hunting in San Francisco … Lombard and Vermont Streets

Crooked street hunting in San Francisco … Lombard and Vermont Streets

If someone asked you to name the “Crookedest Street in the world”, chances are that your answer would involve Lombard Street in San Francisco. Why wouldn’t you? It’s is a world famous tourist destination, except when you’re trying to find it, since there is no address to type into your GPS. (FYI, the address to type into your GPS : 1018 Lombard Street, San Francisco CA 94109) Finding the crooked section of Lombard isn’t that hard, once you know where to go, so you can either take the Powell – Hyde Cable car up and just ask the driver to ... Read More »

My date with Gigi … all that Golden Gate Bridge love

Whenever I get to San Francisco, I always wish for three things It will be sunny and clear. The Cioppino will be good I can find something different that makes my trip I can always get Numbers 2 and 3, but the weather can be so fickle in San Fran, and it really is the number #1 barometer of how much you will enjoy the city, if it is your first time in town. I always want clear skies to ensure that my Golden Gate Bridge date will be awesome – I always make a date with “Gigi” whenever I ... Read More »

Monday Morning Consultant – Westin Verasa Napa review

After a long day of Jelly Beans, Wine and Napa touring, it is definitely a perk to be a decent hotel. Our choice, this time was the Westin Verasa Napa (Gotta use some of those 200K SPG points I have). Once again, my loyalty has been rewarded with yet another Cash and Points stay at a decent Category 5 hotel. This is definitely not a bad deal right now. The check in process was painless and they recognized my “Plat” status immediately and upgraded me to the 3rd floor suite (Room 3021), however there was an issue where the front ... Read More »

Who needs wine in Napa, when you can visit the heart of Jelly Belly land? [Jelly Belly Factory Tour review]

One of the mandatory side trips from San Francisco, is a tour of wine country : specifically Napa Valley and Sonoma County. If you’re spending a day going to Napa, you’re going to pass through a town called Fairfield. You can stop off at the following address … Claim to fame?? The attraction to the Jelly Belly Factory is five fold You get to see the production line for Jelly Bellies, along with cheesy videos and samples You get to buy a bunch of Belly Flops … BTW kids go bonkers in this place. True Story! You get to eat ... Read More »