Ask a Trini : How to spend 24 hours in Trinidad?

This has to be one of most asked questions I’ve gotten asked or referral from Google on to this site, with this in mind, I’ve decided to add a new section called “Ask a Trini”. For the following question, I typically offer the following advice to start …

 Trinidad is not a generally safe place at night …. rent a car, if you anticipate any travelling at night.
Traffic in Trinidad is brutal … anticipate that between 7am and 7pm, it will take between 60-90 minutes to get from Piarco Airport to Port of Spain
If you’re walking around downtown Port of Spain, never ask directions or say you’re lost.
If you do chat with locals you don’t know and they ask the purpose of your visit, always say ‘Yea man, I have some family in Central’, if they press for more details … “just reply with Central, no one needs to know specifics”

If you’re on a layover for less than 24 hours, you might get to do one or two things given the traffic and transport situation. I would actually recommend trying to organize a tour or better yet … a driver with good knowledge of Trinidad. I have a list of people/drivers I can always recommend for this purpose.

Here is a comprehensive list of 100 things to do in Trinidad that I’ve compiled. This should help you along your way. You’re looking for a specific idea … well you can always email me at, I’ll be happy to suggest an idea based on your preferences.

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