6 hours to Firenze now…meh…

Well woke up at 6 this morning, unshowered and still reeking of sea salt yeterday..bleck! Couple things are apparent…

1.   If I dont go to the gym, I feel like mush… seriously

2.   Pasta, bread and what not, while amazing here and all, doesnt not make a body good!!

3.   Sea salt and clothes don’t work together

4.   Money doesn’t grow on trees, since the Euro makes me feel poor especially after an expensive pair of sunglasses.

So we’re off to the grind again.. so we will be in Florence at about 3pm today, and then we have to find a hotel. Man, i have so much to blog right now, it aint funny! Things about the Amalfi Coast that came to mind:

·     This place while expensive, doesn’t have to be at all. There are good cheap accomodations once you get off the main drag. Typical!!

·     The food in the markets, while not cheap is amazing and high quality. Last night I had some Mushroom antipasti with a Seafood antipasti, light proscuitto and rye bread! Talk about an amazing home made sandwich!!!

·     Driving here is hazardous to your health, your car and your mind. How the bus drivers do it here, I will never know! The idea of 3 inches separating cars is a feat of driving intelligence. Seriously!!!

·     The coast line is truly one of the amazing things to see! I have seen a lot of beaches and coast lines in my life so far, the Amalfi coast line is definitely right at the top. (I refuse to say the best, since I haven’t seen all the coast lines of the world, but definitely right at the top)

·     Typical Italian nonsense does hold though : These people do not know how to say “I dont know, sorry!” It drives me insane, if I ask 4 people a question, I expect a somewhat consistent answer, not 4 completely different answers!

Anyway, getting ready and off in a bit….


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