9 things Vegas is not …

after yet another weekend in Vegas … I have carefully analyzed the facts and determined that only certain types of people will enjoy Vegas.


Vegas is not ….

  1. for people who don’t like to walk. Seriously! The strip is huge, the hotel are huge and if you do not bring comfortable running shoes, you will die. Ok maybe you won’t die, but you will have a miserable time and expensive cab rides.
  2. for people who don’t like crowds on weekends. If you come to Vegas on a Friday or Saturday night, be prepared for a mass of humanity walking the strip, dragging their kids on strollers. They will bump into you, they will push you sometimes and the traffic on the strip is horrendous.
  3. for people who want to drive. Driving on the strip is akin to peeling off the skin off your face.
  4. for people who like to complain about the temperature. Vegas is in a desert. Deserts are natural formations that are either too hot or too cold. Deal with it.
  5. for people who have kids. It is not a family affair. Your children will be exposed to drunk frat boys, girls in overtight, ridiculously short dresses and grannies with no panties. Unless you want your young sons to be asking questions about why those boys are “different” or “why are those sisters kissing each other on the mouth”, for God Sakes, leave your kids with the grandparents or Social Services.
  6. for people who don’t gamble or drink. You tend to miss a bit of the “other” side of Vegas … but that is my opinion of course.
  7. for people who actually can shoot a picture. If you have done any photography in your life, be prepared to see every rule in photography broken, also coupled with people stopping at every sign, post, dead dog in the road to shoot a picture to “remember the moment”. Massive patience is required.
  8. for people with dry skin. Vegas is in a desert. Deserts are natural formations, that are always too dry, else it would not be called a desert. Bring tons of skin cream, lip balm and hand lotion.
  9. for people who can’t deal with tacky dance numbers, feathers and over the top “anything”

Looking across the years, here are some comparative shots .. notice any differences



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