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  • Ancil Gonzales

    Hey Rishi, I really hope you get this and respond. I’m an aspiring Trini blogger at http://www.trinikid.com/ It would be nice to have you come over and write a guest post. What do you say?:)

  • rishiray

    Hi Ancil …
    I took a look at your blog … I wasn’t sure what your focus was.

  • Aminrj

    Hi! Rishi, We’re a party of 20 visiting your Trini for an Indian wedding in Aug..Bride is from Trini..However, we’re looking for hotels/bus to transport from airport to hotel/site seeing ..Can you suggest any local rates @ Hyatt or Marroitt.—both are very expensive…Wht there in POS–I see there are temples.

  • Nomis

    I remember you, you were the guy who made that parody of triniscene, trini info!!! LOL man that was so damn funny! Pissed of a lot of people though. You should do another website like that again.

  • http://www.rishiray.com rishiray

    Don’t know what you’re talking about.