Travelling with me?

About me?? Read Amanda Di Loreto’s tips to traveling with me:

After reading this last blog, I feel as though I just read a Users Manual on how to travel. I appreciate you “giving me a shout out” in the above paragraph regarding communication. I would like to remind your readers that I, Amanda Di Loreto, am a first time traveler, and therefore, I am not yet wise to the ways of traveling as our DEAR friend Rishi Ray. For those of you who know Rishi well, you know he has somewhat of a strong personality and enjoys doing things in a certain way, at a certain time and with a certain goal in mind. So, as Rishi has provided us with sound advice on how to travel, I will now go ahead and do the same. Below you will find several tips on what to expect when traveling with Rishi Sankar.

  1. Rishi thinks he is a big deal because he has big arms. Many Europeans have been fascinated by his arms, which has increased the size of Rishi’s HEAD since leaving Canada several days ago.
  2. If Rishi is eating at a restaurant that does not provide him with “pepperoncino,” the restaurant then becomes sub par, thus causing him to become cranky while he goes through his “spicy” withdrawal (Similar to when a crack head cannot find his supplier)
  3. Rishi has become accustomed to a particular lifestyle, and when he is not able to maintain this particular lifestyle, he again, can become quite cranky. At this time, it is best to let him be and let him have his “moment.” This can be cured by finding Rishi a good gelato stand, at a reasonable price of course!
  4. Unlike many of us, Rishi lacks a certain filter in his brain that allows him to determine whether or not what he is about to say is appropriate. If something Rishi says offend you in some way, it is best to simply smile and nod, as you should know better than to tell Rishi what you REALLY think of his comment.
  5. Rishi snores. He is aware of this. He does not care if it bothers you. Learn to deal with it!!!
  6. Be prepared to look at the same building/monument from 900 different angles several times throughout the day, afternoon, evening and night. Rishi does not care if it is 3am and your feet are sore. All he wants is a great photo where his arms look big!
  7. If you are American, do not talk to Rishi.
  8. If you are stupid, do not talk to Rishi.
  9. If you smell bad, do not talk to Rishi. (By the way, Beth and I DID NOT smell bad!)
  10. If you are planning on staying in a hotel where Rishi cannot be connected, be prepared for the world to end! If Rishi is not connected, he goes through several stages of withdrawal and they are as follows:
    • Anger: Rishi will be DISGUSTED that he is staying in a hotel that does not have internet access
    • Denial: Rishi cannot BELIEVE that a hotel would not have internet access in 2008
    • Determination: Rishi will become so determined that he can find a hotel where he can connect even if he has to use all his points to get it!
    • Acceptance: You will convince Rishi that he is over-reacting, In order to calm him down you will buy him gelato (NO MILK!!)

Personally, I love Rishi like a brother. OK, an obnoxious brother, with a funny accent and over sized arms, but still, a brother. We have done a lot of great things on this trip (Blue Grotto, eating at Bruno’s, picnic in Amalfi, checking out Italian girls…etc) and I am glad that I was able to come along on this trip with him. I have learned a lot about Rishi and I am sure he can say the same about me. I think the most important thing to remember is that at the end of the day, you have to be able to laugh things off! I have refused to let any little things get to me throughout this trip. Make sure you have the ability to brush things off!!

I have yet to understand how or why people take traveling so seriously. However, I respect what Rishi does and how he does it. It is what he likes to do, and I can appreciate that. Will I travel with Rishi again? HELL NO!! But, I still love the big armed Trini!!

Rishi’s addendum to A. Di Loreto’s comments:

Her not traveling with me again, has nothing to do with me personally, but rather the way I travel. She is more of a relaxed person in terms of traveling, whereas I have certain goals on each trip and certain things to see. This leads to a certain pace, sometimes hellishly hectic, sometimes not. I recognize that the way I travel is tougher on some than others. My two cents on this opinion piece, but it is valuable feedback!

Traveller, explorer and Corporate Slave!!!