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Why do I travel? Here’s 11 reasons why …

We all have reasons for traveling. I’m always questioning the rationale of why I travel. Personally, it is for one or a combination of a multitude of reasons, which include

1. I’m a lost soul, trying to figure out why I like many things and have many interests but yet I have no one overwhelming, overarching, singular passion

2. I like to eat. Differently. All the time.

3. I love photography, but I am too lazy to be great at it. However, I have a secret: taking average shots set in various locales in the world, makes you appear to be a good photographer.

4. I am jealous of everything I am not. For example, I would like to learn to dance well but I have too much ego to suck donkey stones and look like an ass in public, yet I am jealous of great dancers.

5. When I travel alone, I truly feel like I am the captain of my destiny (if just for a couple weeks) and there aren’t the day to day expectations of growing up, clocking in, replying to work e-mails, checking the Blackberry or actually planning for your retirement.

6. I love challenges. Nothing tests your “cojones” like buying a ticket at random, getting on a plane to somewhere that no one speaks your native language and actually trying to “make the experience”. If the trip results in something extraordinary, it’s because I did it. Alternatively if it sucks, it’s because I didn’t plan, speak to the right people, didn’t smile at a waitress or just didn’t do something right!

7. I love sports on TV too much. It makes me lazy. I’m also cheap(-ish) when it comes to entertainment. I have found that observing people on the road is incredibly cheap yet insightful entertainment.

8. As a Trinidadian, I speak English … Trini English! Yet I find that having a conversation through hand motions, nods, guffaws and humming as well as the use of singular words incredibly satisfying when both parties actually understood each other in the end.

9. I want to be a better person, better friend, better brother, better son and better mate … not the best, just better. Best is subjective and somewhat impossible, better is achievable and less subjective.

10. I’m not religious, but traveling is a somewhat spiritual journey and process for me. I see everything clearer and with more perspective after every place I see. Every place I have been has enriched me in a way that nothing else can reproduce or recreate.

11.Defying logic. Everything that has brought me the most happiness in life has been illogical. Love, travel and expensive rum & scotch are all illogical at heart. They involve illogical expenditure of resources, for little material gain. Fuck logic!

  • These are very good reasons! In fact any reason to travel is a good reason in my opinion 🙂 Lovely blog! Thanks for connecting with us on Twitter, Rishi! Keep up the great work and travel safe!

  • Nathan Pritchard

    Great list. Absolutely agree with #3. We’ve had a few photo contents at work, and I’ve had 5 pictures picked to be printed in large format and hung on the walls (out of about 60 total). When people ask my secret, I tell them to go to beautiful places and take lots and lots of pictures!

  • Corine

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