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When you fly often enough, things tend to go wrong in your plane. 100% of the time, you hope that it will be issues with the service, food or entertainment onboard. When things happen onboard … you have the right to complain. On Air Canada, if you’re persistent enough, you might be given a green form called the Onboard Compensation form.

I have heard of many issues. For instance, one story went like this on Flyertalk“Wanted to reach out to you guys to test the reasonableness of this compensation offer. I recently completed a leisure trip to Europe in executive first on an eupgrade. Before the flight took off, two of the flight attendants bumped into each other, and the one carrying the pre-departure drinks dropped the entire tray on to him, my pod, and my shoes/pants. They were very apologetic, weren’t able to do much for the sticky pod(full flight)/clothes/shoes, and offered a green compensation form. I elected for miles, having complained once a long time ago and receiving a generous compensation offer. This time all that was provided was 1000 miles. This seems incredibly weak, all things considered. “

My issue was not as bad … it’s simply that Air Canada cannot ever get me a special meal in business class. I don’t like dairy … so I always opt for the lactose free meal. They’ve now failed to get me that meal on 12 out of 25 business class flights in the last year. This one post is a log of all service failures in the year 2013.

air canada onboard compensation form

This is the first time I’ve complained … typically I end up with free stuff – but if you’re in Executive Class, everything is free anyway. However based on Flyertalk research, here is some of the rewards that you could get – if you complain.


Failed Inflight Entertainment (IFE) on a 15 hours flight in J: $200 voucher
Failed IFE on a 4 hours flight in J: $150 voucher
Another failed IFE on a 15 hours flight in J: 5% off next travel
Failed pod on a 15 hours flight in J: $5% off next travel
Response to medical emergency: 20,000 status miles.

I’ll have a response here in 4-6 weeks!!!

18-Jan-2013 : Tonight’s flight AC 178 from YEG-YYZ. Same problem – no special meal and yet again, I filed another green form. So the count is now 13 of 26 flights. Both my upcoming flights to work have been upgraded already, so the saga will go on. I’m now looking forward to see if they will not have my special meal for me.

air canada onboard compensation form

24th Jan-2013 : Tonight’s flight AC 178 from YEG-YYZ. I got the combo this time. Not only was the VLML meal not placed on the flight, but I also had to deal with a busted TV screen. So the typical drill on the green form, but then I had the added bonus of getting the little apology card for the busted screen.

31-1-2013 Green Form small

Here is is a picture of the apology card that you get … you enter the code on the website given. No long and arduous process there.


You’re then send an automated 5% discount on a future flight. Yeah thanks Air Canada! Still sucking hard … I don’t know what exactly I’m going to do with that huge 5%, but hey at least Air Canada can claim they gave me something. I’m asking for miles … this percentage off stuff is stupid.


1-Feb-2013 : Tonight’s flight AC 178 from YEG-YYZ. Same deal … along with AC concierge confirming that she had the meal loaded on the flight. Still waiting on the first set of miles and couponsl.

1-2-2013 Green Form 2

7-Feb-2013 : Tonight’s flight AC 178 from YEG-YYZ. This time though, the flight was delayed by two hours and the AC concierge called me to tell me that my special meal was confirmed on the flight. Lo and behold … an hour into the flight … the service director came to apologize and say that he didn’t have my VLML meal. Same drill … but I’m still waiting for those coupons and miles in the mail.

7-2-2013 Green form

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