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Rishi Sankar is a Cloud HRMS Project Manager/ Solution Architect. Over the past 15+ years, he has managed to combine his overwhelming wanderlust with a desire to stay employed, resulting in continuing stints with 3 major consulting firms (IBM, Deloitte, Accenture). He documents his adventures around the world on "Ah Trini Travelogue" with pictures and stories from the road/tuk-tuk/camel/rickshaw. You can follow him on Twitter at @rishiray and on Facebook at "Ah Trini Travelogue . He doesn't like Chicken Curry but loves Curry Chicken and is always trying to find the perfect Trinidadian roti on the road. He also doesn't like cheese and kittens ... and definitely not together. E-mail from his blog is appreciated like a 35 yr old Balvenie at [email protected]

February, 2013

January, 2013

  • 30 January

    Eating in Edmonton isn’t hard part … finding great food is a little tougher though!

    If you’re a consultant commuting from Toronto to Edmonton and back, on a weekly basis, there are two decent perks You rack up about 3340 miles a week (with the super elite bonus, it’s 6680 miles a week) – that’s enough to get your Super Elite status in about 7 months without trying. I’m not going to discuss the fact …

  • 17 January

    Air Canada Onboard Compensation Form

    When you fly often enough, things tend to go wrong in your plane. 100% of the time, you hope that it will be issues with the service, food or entertainment onboard. When things happen onboard … you have the right to complain. On Air Canada, if you’re persistent enough, you might be given a green form called the Onboard Compensation …

  • 14 January

    Wednesday Photo Nights #10 : Krakow Photo Blog

    Krakow is awesome … even in the depths of winter … there is great food, tons of unique and different bars as well as good people to go out with. krakow photo blog

  • 9 January

    Monday Morning Consultant – Le Meridien Bristol, Warsaw review

    Getting into Warsaw after 11 hours in transit, never leaves you happy … even flying business class, however when the hotel you’re checking into, has such a remarkable history, you’re willing to go for the adventure. Opened in 1899, requisitioned by the Nazis, appropriated by the Communists, and even used as a secret base by the wartime resistance, it was …

December, 2012

  • 30 December

    Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua … play by play in pictures

    Volcano Boarding? Yeah … it’s a thing and it’s awesome.  Actually, sliding down the black gravel rocks of Cerro Negro, maybe not the best idea but how can you beat the adrenaline rush of volcano boarding down Cerro Negro, the black volcanic hill. Where To Go Volcano Boarding Leon, Nicaragua is yet another city on the infamous Gringo Trail but …

  • 30 December

    Wandering through Mercado de San Lucas

    When you’re travelling, you’ll always find that the main tourist thoroughfare will be overpriced in comparison to the local haunts. Antigua is no different from any other tourist place – the only difference is that the overall price is still so low, that tourists from North America/Europe/Australia really don’t care. For those visiting Antigua, Guatemala – I do suggest that …

  • 29 December

    Guatemalan Food Sampling at La Cuevita de los Urquizu – ULTRA WIN!!!

    So you’re busy and you don’t have time to visit all the Guatemalan food markets and stalls all around town, then I have an efficient and awesome idea for you. I will warn you, don’t attempt this idea, unless you can pull it off … head over to La Cuevita de los Urquizu (The Cave of the Urquizu Family) and …

  • 29 December

    Chocolate making classes in Antigua, Guatemala (ChocoMuseo Review)

    On the list of activities to do in Antigua, the ChocoMuseo is usually a hit with the kids and the foodies alike. Basically, it’s two hours of talk and discussion about chocolate. The guides in their very decent English (The standard to English at the center ranges from decent to very good – so no fear of not understanding something). …