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Rishi Sankar is a Cloud HRMS Project Manager/ Solution Architect. Over the past 15+ years, he has managed to combine his overwhelming wanderlust with a desire to stay employed, resulting in continuing stints with 3 major consulting firms (IBM, Deloitte, Accenture). He documents his adventures around the world on "Ah Trini Travelogue" with pictures and stories from the road/tuk-tuk/camel/rickshaw. You can follow him on Twitter at @rishiray and on Facebook at "Ah Trini Travelogue . He doesn't like Chicken Curry but loves Curry Chicken and is always trying to find the perfect Trinidadian roti on the road. He also doesn't like cheese and kittens ... and definitely not together. E-mail from his blog is appreciated like a 35 yr old Balvenie at [email protected]

October, 2016

  • 27 October

    Wandering Philadelphia – Indeblue review – Surprisingly good!

    Over the years, I’ve had the opinion that any restaurant that has XXXXX Fusion cuisine will be a shitty foodie experience. This opinion has been generally validated with a couple exceptions as outliers to the norm. For me, if you can’t master and cook one type of cuisine … what makes you think that creating bullshit like Indeblue review Korean …

  • 26 October

    Wandering Philadelphia – My Liberty Bell Travel Blog

    For the last couple of months, I’ve been doing my fair share around Philadelphia … well let’s clarify that. I’ve been doing a lot of eating at decent restaurants in Philly. I’ve done very little when it comes to seeing the tourist attractions in town. I don’t have enough interest in American History to refer to myself as “buff”, so …

September, 2016

  • 22 September

    What to do in PEI #12 : Cape Jourimain, New Brunswick

    Every since my parents decided that they would visit us in PEI, visiting and crossing the Confederation Bridge was on my dad’s bucket list. I think he’s seen about every documentary on the building of the bridge. So on their last full day in PEI, we left our cottage on the West Cape and made a detour to the Cape …

  • 13 September

    What to do in PEI #11 : Cape Bear Lighthouse

    From my original PEI lighthouse tour blog post, I’ve gotten requests to write a bit more about each individual lighthouse. Today’s lighthouse post is about the Cape Bear lighthouse and Marconi station. As a primer to help you appreciate the lighthouse, I suggest that you read the lighthouse’s site (capebearlighthouse.com) before visiting. Cape Bear lighthouse , Cape Bear lighthouse , …

  • 8 September

    Moving from Toronto to PEI : Where to buy Lobster in PEI?

    As we taper towards the end of our first full AirBnB season here in PEI, we have a number of great questions posed to us by guests … here’s some of the more common ones … Where to buy Lobster in PEI What’s the schedule for the buses? Here … Do I need to rent a car on the island …

August, 2016

  • 31 August

    Wandering Philadelphia – El Azteca Uno review – The best Mexican!

    Today I was really craving some Ramen from Hiro’s but then I had a craving for a Michelada. El Azteca Uno is a block away from my current client and I’ve seen their signs on my way to the hotel but the exterior of the restaurant has always put me off. I can’t lie … it looks a little sketchy …

  • 17 August

    Wandering Philadelphia – Hiro Ramen House review

    I would like to say that I stumbled into Hiro Ramen House completely randomly but that would be the furthest thing from the truth. My client is pretty close to the 1102 Chestnut St location, but I came to Hiro’s specifically for the Karaage. I was looking for one of the top 12 Fried Chickens in Philadelphia … Hiro Ramen …

  • 10 August

    Wandering Philadelphia : Tom’s Dim Sum review

    For the past couple weeks, when I’m not having lunch at the Reading Terminal Market, I’ve been getting my fill of decent Chinese food at Tom’s Dim Sum. After eating here 5 times, I can finally do Tom’s Dim Sum review … I’m still trying to figure out if I really like the place. This is pretty confusing because one …

  • 9 August

    Wandering Philadelphia : Llama Tooth review (1033 Spring Garden St)

    In the latest installment of Wandering Philadelphia for different food … I ended up at Llama Tooth for dinner/happy hour. It’s a funky spot off the main drag downtown … and they’ve definitely benefited from the Philadelphia Mural Arts program. As I think about some of the areas in Charlottetown where we currently live … I could see a lot …

July, 2016

  • 27 July

    Wandering Philadelphia – What am I eating at the Reading Terminal Market?

    As I’m working in downtown Philadelphia, I have the opportunity to have some lunches at the Reading Terminal Market. My goal over the next couple months, will be to try all of the non-dairy stalls in the market. Long time readers of my blog will know of my affinity for markets … whether it’s having sushi at Tsukiji Market  in …