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Rishi Sankar is a Cloud HRMS Project Manager/ Solution Architect. Over the past 15+ years, he has managed to combine his overwhelming wanderlust with a desire to stay employed, resulting in continuing stints with 3 major consulting firms (IBM, Deloitte, Accenture). He documents his adventures around the world on "Ah Trini Travelogue" with pictures and stories from the road/tuk-tuk/camel/rickshaw. You can follow him on Twitter at @rishiray and on Facebook at "Ah Trini Travelogue . He doesn't like Chicken Curry but loves Curry Chicken and is always trying to find the perfect Trinidadian roti on the road. He also doesn't like cheese and kittens ... and definitely not together. E-mail from his blog is appreciated like a 35 yr old Balvenie at [email protected]

December, 2010

  • 18 December

    Tadjah night hunting in St. James

    This is the reaction I got tonight from the folks at home (note Trini English)… <Dad> Where are you out to tonight? <Me> Hosay <Dad> Huh? Yuh mean in St. James? But it not safe down there … it have so much crime there <Me> I’ll be fine … <Dad> Who yuh meeting? <Me> People …. Anyway for years I’ve …

  • 13 December

    Don’t touch my junk … bro!

    As part of the Monday morning commute to the client site, we in the consulting business undergo the “Monday Morning Blues”. However our commute isn’t just only traffic and dumb drivers on the snowy highways of Toronto, Montreal or some random North American city, we also have to go through the US Customs process and the Security check. Want to …

  • 1 December

    Who makes the best Shish Taouk in Montreal?

    Best Shish Taouk in Montreal? There are very few things that will drive people in Montreal to violence …for instance, saying one of the following  in Montreal will almost surely lead to a “Big Momma Beat Down” Saying that the Toronto Maple Leafs are better than Les Canadiens Saying that Toronto or Parisian Bagels are better than the Montreal version. …

November, 2010

  • 20 November

    Which dead city should I visit?

    As a traveler, there come’s a time when you done the following Taken so many pictures that they all blur into each other … even the best pictures you’ve taken. Talked to so many people in the hope of having that one trip or life altering conversation … only to realize that it is the combination of all those conversations …

  • 10 November

    Going North to Blanchisseuse

    Growing up in Chaguanas or Central/South Trinidad meant that going up “North” was a prettybig event. My parents being your very typical Indo-Trinidadians didn’t like the hustle and bustle of “North”. As you might figure, going up “North” meant that you were going to Port of Spain and the North Coast. In Trinidad, we use four directions North – means …

October, 2010

  • 25 October

    Why doesn’t anyone talk about Fremont Street?

    {September 11th 2010} Everytime someone goes to Vegas, they talk about the food, the shows, the gambling and those weird Hispanic guys who slap the hooker flyers on their hands at you to get your eye contact. People will tell you about the 2 ft high Hurricane slushies that you can buy at the front of the Imperial Palace and …

  • 19 October

    So you’re in St Louis and you’re in the mood for an awesome hot dog …

    then there is only one place you go to … don’t stop, dont pass GO, do not collect $200, proceed directly to the “awesomeness” of Iron Barley. This fine establishment is definitely not the height of culinary excellence. They do not pretend to be anything more than what they are … a place that makes ridiculous hot dogs. Iron Barley …

September, 2010

  • 29 September

    Random Come by Chance Dildo’s in Newfoundland

    In all my traveling, I’ve heard of towns with somewhat peculiar names. In some cities, there are street names that are highly uninventive. For instance, if you go to Atlanta, GA and someone tell you that they’re on PeachTree, be absolutely sure that that you have a GPS and they give you the exact latitude and longitude; there are 71 streets with the word …

  • 12 September

    Casco Viejo in a nutshell

    When I think about Cuba, I think about old school American vehicles, good Cuban food, exiles and a crazy dictator. Apply this to Panama and there are similar thoughts … except replace the good Cuban food with international food. Of the three areas, I visited in Panama City, the only one where alcohol was not involved was Casco Viejo, Panama City’s quaint, compact, colonial-era …

  • 11 September

    Bellagio in 5 hours ..

    The hotels in Las Vegas are specifically built and engineered to keep you inside as long as possible, all in the hopes of extracting the maximum sum of money from your already endangered pockets. The Bellagio is one of the ultra posh hotels on the Vegas strip but it more known for its fabulous water fountain show on the Strip. …