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Rishi Sankar is a Cloud HRMS Project Manager/ Solution Architect. Over the past 15+ years, he has managed to combine his overwhelming wanderlust with a desire to stay employed, resulting in continuing stints with 3 major consulting firms (IBM, Deloitte, Accenture). He documents his adventures around the world on "Ah Trini Travelogue" with pictures and stories from the road/tuk-tuk/camel/rickshaw. You can follow him on Twitter at @rishiray and on Facebook at "Ah Trini Travelogue . He doesn't like Chicken Curry but loves Curry Chicken and is always trying to find the perfect Trinidadian roti on the road. He also doesn't like cheese and kittens ... and definitely not together. E-mail from his blog is appreciated like a 35 yr old Balvenie at [email protected]

September, 2008

  • 16 September

    Wow.. the days are passing so quickly here…..day 5 ends in a pleasant surprise…near the Arctic Circle

    Sept 16th 10.20 pm IST: One of the great things about travelling is that you are always … and I mean always surprised by something during the trip. Trinidad used to be a place, a long time ago… long long time ago, where people wouldn’t lock their doors, they weren’t behind huge metal fences, and didn’t have to worry about …

  • 16 September

    thoughts by the end of Day 4….

    full travelogue to follow but random thoughts so far The same way Americans have Mexicans in the US to do certain things for them, I have decided that I must find each countries version of Mexicans, hence: The Polish are the Mexicans of Iceland The Guyanese are the Mexicans of Trinidad The Indians are the Mexicans of Germany The Algerians …

  • 14 September

    Vik to Seljalandsfoss to Hohn…. ok we didn’t get to Hohn….we’re now in Kirkjubaejarklaustur

    So after the adventure of last night with the lighting and scaling of the falls… we were both pretty hyped up for today going down South Iceland. My first priority was really get back to Seljalandsfoss to take some photos by day, since we were so blown away at night. Now one of the great thing about travelling is that …

  • 14 September

    Day 3….7 a.m… blogged the second day … brekkie time..

    So all up early and all this morning.. time for breakfast… we’re going back to see Sejalandsfoss by day… then who knows from there….time for the shower!!!!

  • 14 September

    Southwest Iceland, crazy changing weather and midnight Sejalandsfoss climbing….man I’m beat!!

    It is 7am here right now on Sunday morning, and the sky is finally clear and I can see sunshine to start but after a second day of hardcore driving, we deserve a longer rest. So continuing from our first day adventures, Lev and I got up at noon yesterday. He was a bit worse for wear but miraculously remembered …

  • 13 September

    Sweet!!! drunk and about in Reykjavik!!

    So we came home after many adventures in Reykjavik……all pictures have been uploaded to http://rishiray.smugmug.com/gallery/5953853_rypW6 Anyway on to Vik now!!! Travelogue to follow!

  • 12 September

    We're in Reykjavik safely…..but…..

    Now on to our adventure… so far…but I do love Couchsurfing! Lev lost his luggage…. but we just found a place to stay with Andrea on CouchSurfing.. so we’re having Fried Cod for dinner…and Bragi Jonsson just joined us for Breakfast. We’re at Prikid Cafe here in Downtown Reykjavik, Bragi Jonsson came to meet us! Man is it a great …

  • 11 September

    Holy fuckballs!!! You cannot buy alcohol in Duty Free prior to going to Iceland!! WTF??!?

    This is a complete revelation and utter dogshit!! What the hell??? What kinda stupid country says that if you are flying to Iceland, you cannot buy alcohol prior to getting into the country. Just to make sure that you have to buy alcohol at the exhorbitant prices in Iceland?! What the hell?! I have never EVER heard of this type …

August, 2008

  • 20 August

    My bottle of Siglo De Oro with tasting notes…before going to my all inclusive

    So after the long night of drinking and what not, I made a nice little breakfast with D* for everyone. The plan was to go see a bunch of caves and the beach, however in the aftermath of the previous night, we decided to chill out and just go directly to the All Inclusive that D* had booked for us. Now …