Buenos Aires….maybe the Paris of South America eh?

Well after a full day of walking through BsAs, with a hangover from last night’s theatrics and drinking olympics; I have come up with the following facts:

  • Taxis are cheap – like seriously cheap. Any cab ride gettting around the city regardless of the traffic should never cost more than30 pesos (8.50$ CDN)
  • Beer is cheap – not seriously cheap, but cheap enough. Like anything else, it all depends on where consumes the said beverages. The curious thing is that finding a regular 333ml beer is quite difficult. Finding a 750 ml bottle of beer on the other hand seems to be the norm.
  • Meat is cheap, good and ridiculously well valued – If you ever want to find the capital of the Atkins diet, look no further. These people eat anything on 4 legs, and they eat every part of the animal. Waste not, want not. Right?
  • Portenos love their rugby, football and everything to go with it.
  • There are many good looking people here. Maybe it’s that Italian cross breeding thing from generations ago 🙂 Another reason for cross pollination 😀

Well I had dinner at this gaudy looking place.

I have realized another thing : I love well done Chorizo sausage, but this asado bullshit… I’m not down with. Hopefully, I’ll have it a couple more times in the distant future, but anywhere else over done fatty ribs, tastes like crap.  The Quilmes Cristal however went down smoothly! I like this beer a lot 😛

Photolog Link : http://www.rishisankar.com/Travel/Argentin/Antigua-2007-2nd-April-2009/10240530_gDaxF

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