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16 quick questions for a Trini Traveller…and more than 16 answers


It’s Carnival Tuesday 2014 in Trinidad. I have a dose of the Carnival tabanca …so here’s 16 questions for a Trini Traveller that I’ve gotten over the last couple months on my facebook page or via email. Where do I live? Toronto but I pretend to live in Trinidad or Prince Edward Island. First travel memory? Touching down in Trinidad …

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Priority Club Promo Stacking … it’s even useful in Trinidad.


For those who travel within North America and the Caribbean, staying at hotels is just part of the deal. For consultants like me, it’s part of the job. I’ve written on mileage running and points collecting as one significant method of reducing my travel cost, along with stacking upgrades. My reliable hotel choice has always been the SPG program – …

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How to start a new IT consulting project …


I got a great email last week, where the Trinidadian author basically asked to me explain how I can bounce from client to client in my line of work and be continually successful. This was a timely one, as I start a new project at a new client this week in Moncton, New Brunswick. I have an orientation checklist that …

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TBEX ’13 : What worked and didn’t work? #TBEX


It’s official … TBEX ’13 is finally at a close. I’m glad that I was in Toronto for the last couple days and not at a client’s site in some other city, since I would have missed out on an incredible learning and networking opportunity. After getting home last night and thinking through all my notes and looking at feedback …

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7 lessons learned from TBEX 13 … so far


It’s been 4 days of activities, food, drinking and networking at TBEX ’13. It’s been inspiring to say the least – even though there has been a lot of hot air spewed by many a travel blogger this weekend (You can’t help but overhear a lot of side conversations and just roll your eyes). A couple bloggers even took over …

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9 thoughts from my first TBEX ’13 social event …


Last night was a quick and dirty drop in at the TBEX Preparty at Tryst NightClub. I was quickly reminded of why these types of social situations make me awkward – it’s not liming, it’s not true networking and everyone seems to know someone else. Walking up to people who’s blogs you’ve read but never commented on, is difficult. Not …

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Why should a Trini go to TBEX ’13?


This weekend is the TBEX conference in Toronto. Of course, you’re wondering what the hell is TBEX and why does it matter to a traveller? From a Trini perspective, it’s like Carnival for travel bloggers. It’s the the world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers, writers, and new media content creators – so this is a pretty big deal for anyone …

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Monday Morning Consultant – Tambo del Inka review


After waking up at 5am to catch my 6:50am flight into Cusco, one can imagine a bit of disorientation but once I figured out how to get into Cusco downtown, change my train ticket in the PeruRail office, buy tickets for Machu Picchu at the Ministerio de Cultura and get a taxi to take me to Urubamba, checking into Tambo …

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A Trini’s ABCs of Travel


On all the travel blogs, The Travel ABCs is a sort of game going round the blogosphere, one of those “credential” post that travel bloggers make (like an accent tag on YouTube). I see it as a combined self-examination exercise and travellers’ curriculum vitae. A bit like my credentials for presuming to blog about travel to an unsuspecting public. I’ve …

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