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Prince Edward Island

48 hours in Charlottetown : Foodie Weekend

If you’re a consultant like me, time is typically precious and you’re doing weekend trips. This means that you’re getting in on a Friday morning/early afternoon and leaving on the latest Sunday night flight. While Prince Edward Island is famous for Anne of Green Gables, there is definitely enough to make a couple weekends here. It’s easily one of the …

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What to do in PEI #10 : Not go to Old Home Week? Seriously!

Prince Edward Island in the summer has some amazing places, experiences and event to see and attend. From the summer we’ve spent so far, I’ve loved almost every part and event in PEI. Old Home Week though … at least the Exhibition part of it, ranks as my least favorite part. This being said, if you’re not over 16  OR …

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What to do in PEI #10 : Visit and photo St. Dunstan’s Basilica

If you’re wandering through downtown Charlottetown, you’ll find that it’s quaint and somewhat touristy by design. In Canada, there aren’t a super high number of elaborate churches, but Prince Edward Island’s churches have long-established roots in the province’s history and heritage. In many towns, they are the focal point of village and town life.  I’ve visited many churches in the world …

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What to do in PEI #9 : Find a PEI secret beach for a Trini lime

One of my friends asked me the following questions Today was the day where I could easily answer the questions and have an epic beach day all in one. The wife and friends found our “secret” beach … it’s a pretty fantastic beach and we all “pinkie swore” that we wouldn’t tell any outsiders about the beach. The locals know …

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What to do in PEI #8 : Go on a PEI Lighthouse Tour

There’s something really great about lighthouses. It might have to do something with the isolation or being the solitary light in the darkness that led sailors to safety or something more metaphorical but I find remarkable romantic. Along with religious places around the world, I’ve always been fascinated by lighthouses.     I find it’s very easy to drive around …

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What to do in PEI #7 : Avoid the food at Fisherman’s Wharf Lobster Supper

I’ll start this post out with the following I did not have the lobster supper at Fisherman’s Wharf in North Rustico This now being said, after having 3 lobster suppers at New Glasgow Lobster Supper (all being good or better), Ireally wanted to try the lobster supper at Fisherman’s Wharf for the change and to start comparing all the lobster …

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What to do in PEI #6 : Have lunch at the Charlottetown Farmers Market

In Trinidad, we don’t have “Farmers’ Markets” … because all farmers sell their produce at the local markets. As a teenage, I wandered the Chaguanas Market and saw the friendliness, hustle and bustle. I was always guided by the list my mother gave me and little did I know, I was getting my first “foodie” experience, in being able to …

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What to do in PEI #5 : Go to the Brackley Drive In

When was the last time that you went to a drive in movie? For me, the last time was at “Kay Donna” in Trinidad, which has been under renovations for the last 100 years … I went about 20 years ago. I don’t know why I stopped going, but I think it was the combination of not being able to …

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What to do in PEI #4 : Go find a ridiculous PEI Mailbox!!!

PEI mailbox

In all our driving here in PEI over the last two summers, it seems that people love putting up strange and unique mailboxes. For instance, on our way to North Cape yesterday, we happened to see this giant PEI mailbox. Here’s another set of the classic PEI Mailbox As we’ve travelled over the island I’ve realized that people take tremendous …

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