Driving from Santiago to Mendoza : The Andes Highlight

On all previous trips, I have entered Argentina by plane, but in planning to get from Santiago to Mendoza, I had to consider the three summer options (driving or busing in winter is quite risky): Fly from Santiago to Mendoza I considered this, but this proved to be very expensive and not that much of a time saving. I also …

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A “Trini Christmas” 12 hours in Santiago

I’ve been to Santiago before for 10 hours and it was uneventful as I was on a layover from Buenos Aires back to Toronto. On my current trip to Antarctica, Santiago is the jump off point to Punta Arenas As you can see, getting from Santiago to Punta Arenas isn’t some little distance either and on the conclusion of the …

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In Santiago….. roaming the airports….

Interesting little airport here….. much bigger than I thought it would be, but most of the shops are closed now, so I figure I have 3 hours to burn… might as well leave the airport and see what mischief I can get myself into.  Getting an unexpected bump to first class is definitely the right start to the trip, since …

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