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6am sushi at Tsukiji Market … yeah put it on your bucket list.


I was just browsing through travel related articles and I stumbled on this gem on “Medium.com“.  I can’t think of a single piece of writing about Sushi that was more educational and entertaining as this “Ten Commandments of Sushi” article. In Toronto, we have the “AYCE” (All you can eat) sushi concept. A couple thoughts about this … It’s a …

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My 138 item travel bucket list


Every year, I try to update my old bucket list page … and it gets tougher and tougher each year. As I knock things off my bucket list, I add harder and harder things to the list. Years ago, I thought I would chronicle my experience/bucket list just like so many others before me … nothing special really, just a …

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I miss being the only Trinidadian in Uzbekistan


It’s been about a year since my epic first adventure through Central Asia and specifically being blown away by Uzbekistan as a tourist destination. In a somewhat perverse way, I also miss being a sideshow attraction of being a Trinidadian in Uzbekistan. For instance, when I was walking through the Walled City of Khiva, I subject to many curious glances …

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Wednesday Photo Nights #24 : Crushing Buffets in Manila


When you’re travelling around the planet, you’re bound to see some amazing food emporiums. That being said, I’ve seen nowhere else in the world that offers consistently amazing hotel buffets like those found in Manila, Philippines. Spiral at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Circles at Makati Shangri-La Talipapa Fish Market If you’re looking for an exhaustive list of buffets in Manila …

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Wining at a Trini wedding … and more videos


Over the years, I’ve take a lot of videos. I would say that my videos are pretty horrible, since I have no sense of cinematography whatsoever. It’s almost as though I’ve been shooting my video in the same manner in which I shoot my photos … but they’re obviously two very different things. I’ve never really expected anyone to see …

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Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic – that’s a lot to say


When you’re in Kandy, along with the cricket ground where Murali grew up and the elephant orphanage, you will visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. This temple complex houses one of the most important Buddhist relics in all of Sri Lanka, an object so sacred it bring throngs of devotees to the temple threshold every year. I’m sure …

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Bukhara Sightseeing : Poi Kalyan photoblog


It’s been about two months since I left Uzbekistan, but I can’t think of a place I’ve been that I’ve expected so little from that offered so much. As a Trinidadian, the idea of vast mosque complexes, rugged terrain and amazing food would be something that I would expect in the much more well known Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, …

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All about tea in Sri Lanka … no Lipton for me


Growing up in Trinidad leads you to believe certain truths about the world Any drink with fizz or carbonation is a “Swee Drink” All condensed milk should come from a small Nestle can. All tea is either Lipton or Dilmah, always comes in a bag. I was never a big tea person back home because I’m lactose intolerant. In the …

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Who else wants to go to Male?


I know what you’re thinking “What to do in Male?”… you might have stumbled on this, thinking something else. That being said, Male is the capital of the Maldives. I had a chance to visit one of those magical honeymoon paradises, two years ago and aside from the phenomenal beaches and stunning sunsets, I had a chance to visit Male. …

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