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My chase for 30 of 40 in 4 days … do it yourself Singapore Food Tour … Part II

Continued from http://www.rishiray.com/2011/07/14/my-chase-for-30-of-40-in-4-days/ So in the chase for these foods, we ended up at Clark Quay for the start of the Singapore Food Festival. However by reaching at 11pm, when the close was scheduled for midnightwe we’re greeted with the following closing of the stalls and basically seeing only the scraps of food that was left by the hordes that …

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Singapore Airlines rocks my life!!

It’s really simple to please airline customers these days … do anything better than airlines in North America and you’re a star. Singapore Airlines excels in almost everything they do … if you’re flying anywhere in Asia and you get the Singapore or Thai Airlines experience… jump at it Must haves Offer a meal with your service … decoupling your …

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How to plan your own Singapore food tour – the before!

After the last couple weeks of trying to plan the Asia-travaganza, I have resolved nothing and in the end I have no plan aside from trying to eat myself to death in Singapore. As a foodie destination, Singapore is among the world’s most famous venues. In fact, when I started researching things to do in Singapore, all I could really …

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Hiking up Mt. Pinatubo

After three weeks in the Philippines, I’ve come to realize that there is a degree of hyperbole about all trips in and about the Philippines … or maybe it is that I’m a little immune to hyperbole. For instance … I heard that the hike to Batad was a difficult one and I really didn’t find it that tough. Going …

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8 tips for hiking Mt. Pinatubo

My tips for going up Mt.Pinatubo Take a change of clothes. When you hike all the way up, you’re going to jump into the crater lake. You’ll need clean clothes for the ride back. There is also a full shower, that you can use at the spa town and even get a massage after the hike. Bring multiple bottles of …

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Banaue in pictures … not much needs to be said!

Getting to Banaue is easy … it is tourist friendly, easy on the eyes and easy on the budget. Nothing really to write on it – aside from … if you’re in the Philippines and you miss it, then you need to re-evaluate your priorities. Definitely getting up with the rice terraces in your view every morning isn’t the world’s …

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