Sri Lanka

Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic – that’s a lot to say

When you’re in Kandy, along with the cricket ground where Murali grew up and the elephant orphanage, you will visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic. This temple complex houses one of the most important Buddhist relics in all of Sri Lanka, an object so sacred it bring throngs of devotees to the temple threshold every year. I’m sure …

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All about tea in Sri Lanka … no Lipton for me

Growing up in Trinidad leads you to believe certain truths about the world Any drink with fizz or carbonation is a “Swee Drink” All condensed milk should come from a small Nestle can. All tea is either Lipton or Dilmah, always comes in a bag. I was never a big tea person back home because I’m lactose intolerant. In the …

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Elephantasm … Finding Elephants in Kandy

Elephants are cool. Not just because they are these giant, lumbering beasts (kinda like me) but because they are just cool animals. Normally, they’re so decent and tame, but everyone knows that the last thing you ever want to see, is a rampaging elephant. Probably, the most popular tourist attraction in Kandy (2 hrs from Colombo), aside from Murali (he …

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