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Wining at a Trini wedding … and more videos

Wining at a Trini wedding … and more videos

Over the years, I’ve take a lot of videos. I would say that my videos are pretty horrible, since I have no sense of cinematography whatsoever. It’s almost as though I’ve been shooting my video in the same manner in which I shoot my photos … but they’re obviously two very different things. I’ve never really expected anyone to see my videos … so I’m always surprised at comments on my YouTube channel. For instance … this video of random women wining at my brother’s wedding got a lot of hits … now 40000 views isn’t Justin Bieber-ish, but it’s ... Read More »

Ah feeling like Captain Crazy … in Nine Mile … Haaa, Haaa, Haaaaaaaa!

Ah feeling like Captain Crazy … in Nine Mile … Haaa, Haaa, Haaaaaaaa!

Captain Crazy makes me laugh … just thinking about his laugh … his oh so slow motion laugh just makes me crack up. Wait you don’t know who Captain Crazy is? Check this out … If you’re in Jamaica, obviously the one tourist thing to do, is to head over to Bob Marley’s house … a couple notes on going to Nine Mile Don’t bother driving unless you have someone local to take you around. It’s about an hour from Ochie aka Ocho Rios … anything more than an hour and you’re lost The roads are narrow and people will drive like ... Read More »

Review of Grand Bahia Principe, Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Disclaimer: This review is based on my first time experience in an all-inclusive resort. As a backer-packer or adventure tourist, I typically couldn’t care less about the amenities, room service or the number of ala carte restaurants that are on the property but I have been told (my significant other is my all inclusive expert) that these are some of the key differentiators between “all-inclusives”. 1. Entertainment: • The lounge area where the nightly performances take place is a piazza style space with a stage at the end. The chairs are all standard plastic furniture and have waiter service. The performances are ... Read More »

Dunn's River Falls…..

So after the lunch at Scotchies, we were off to Dunn’s River Falls. Now for all the comments and reviews about Dunn’s River Falls, in retrospect, it is actually a very nice tourist attraction. The falls definitely make for great pictures and the experience of climbing the falls was definitely an enjoyable one. Going down the path to get to the bottom of the falls, you are faced with the bay and the view from the trail. Of course climbing the falls, Diane was our intrepid photographer… hence we had the chance to pose for pictures The view of the ... Read More »

Jerk at Scotchies. Why can’t I have a jerk pit in my place???

Jerk chicken is believed to have been conceived when the Maroons introduced African meat-cooking techniques to Jamaica, which were combined with native Jamaican ingredients and seasonings used by the Amerindians.The method of smoking meat for a long period of time served two practical purposes: keeping insects away from the raw meat, and preserving it for longer once it has been cooked. At most places, the recipe for jerk sauce is a closely guarded secret, but it usually contains peppers, onions, pimento, ginger and chili. Scotchies, located on the east side of Montego Bay on the North Coast Highway, has long ... Read More »

Last minute off to Margaritaville…

Prior to dinnner, I decided to try out the camera for some night shots of the resort. So after a long,  lazy day by the pool… the three couples are having a drink in the lobby bar and then Norm and Mxine check out, since they’re a bit tired from the night before. We’re about to check out, when this random hotel chick is walking around with passes to Margaritaville in Ocho Rios.  Of course, we ‘re tired and hot but we decide, why not anyway!!!! You’re guaranteed to make friends when you wear a Roberto Carlos jersey!! for sure!! ... Read More »