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Swim, see and photograph Magens Bay in St. Thomas …

There are very few places in the world where I actually think that a morning jog would be awesome, especially since this Trini does not do the “cardio ting”. That being said, I think if there was a stretch of beach that would inspire a run, it would be America’s finest and most reliable treadmill : Magens Bay. It’s a heart shaped, one mile stretch of gorgeous white sand, easy waves and picture perfect tourist brochure charm. Everyone talks about Magens Bay, it’s kinda like how we talk about Maracas Bay, except that Magens Bay is prettier, less over run ... Read More »

8 hours in St Thomas, US Virgin Islands (St Thomas Shore Excursion)

Getting into St. Thomas, I had forgotten how touristy and commercial these American ports can be. The actual port area seemed to be one huge tax exclusion zone that catered for American tourists. That being said … the prices were pretty awesome on jewellery, sunglasses and liquor. If you’re into all the shopping and wandering around the tourist complex of the port, then you can stop reading now. The typical highlights tour of St Thomas will include A swim at some great beach A drive to the “mountaintop” A dip in Magens Bay. Who am I to deny that this ... Read More »

It’s my first cruise … I can’t really say I’m that excited …

So we’re leaving for Puerto Rico and then we’re off on my first ever cruise. I can’t say that I’m stoked or super excited for a couple reasons that have nothing to do with the cruise I’ve always associated cruising with old people I’ve always associated cruising with old people who want to do nothing else but eat their faces into oblivion I’ve always associated cruising with people who have no interest in travelling In my brain, cruising is like an all inclusive, just on a boat. I still hate “all inclusives” … but I think it’s because I’m not ... Read More »

At the Bitter End …

One of the things I love about the Virgin Islands is the actual names of the individual islands and places themselves. A listing of names, definitely make you wonder what was going on, when they named the islands. Some of the island/bay names are listed below: Mosquito Island Ginger Island Beef Island Sandy spit Dog Island Handsome  Bay Dig a Low Beach Hence when we had to go to Gun Creek to catch the ferry to the Bitter End,  how could I possibly be surprised at the names. Now the Bitter End Yatch Club is really for those high end ... Read More »

Poker Run 2010 – British Virgin Islands

Nice sunny day … speedboats and crazy hair.. Read More »

A Macco in Leverick Bay …

People in the Virgin Islands must be overly friendly or must be some “big macco”. In Trini parlance, being a “big macco” means that you’re overly nosy. Everywhere I went, people would ask me where I was from … now this happens to my friend who lives in the BVI also. I have no problem with friendly people, but when the following conversation happens Me: Can you make me a smoothie? Pineapple, Mango and Strawberries with Orange Juice and Ice, thanks so much. Bartender at Leverick Bay: No problem <typically, she doesn’t really listen to my order> Me: You get ... Read More »

Hey Virgin Islands … my bad!

When leaving Tortola by ferry to St Thomas, one has another number of things to be aware of. Be aware of the usual complete Island disorganization, lack of adequate signage and the general customer service skills associated with a jackass, donkey or alpaca. Customer service in the islands (any god damn island in the West Indies) only operates at three levels Disdain & Incompetence Utter stupidity combined with disdain and incompetence White people awareness and attention Generally, unless you’re a foreign person of whiteness, local white associated with an island or a well known singer/cricketer/politician, one will generally get the ... Read More »

Brekkie at Little Dix

Almost everyone has heard of Little Dix Bay of Virgin Gorda, known in some circles as “the world’s most famous beach resort”.  It was by Laurence Rockefeller as an exclusive, secluded retreat for honeymooners and America’s “rich and famous”.  You know anything with the Rockefeller name has to be a bit posh. His original design included 50 no-frills bungalows privately spaced along a gorgeous crescent beach edged with perfectly manicured lawns, towering palms, and colorful tropical foliage – one of the most beautiful settings in the Caribbean.  The morning’s breakfast was on the Pavilion patio which included a huge fresh fruit buffet ... Read More »

Dreamy mornings …

So this morning from the balcony … Time for breakfast!!! Read More »

Virgin Gorda trip madness

Coming to the Virgin Islands always seems to be an adventure into madness. Getting here from Chicago is not the most convenient week trip I’ve ever done, in fact it’s one of the most circuitous, since the routing involves the following St. Charles, IL to Chicago O’Hare airport Chicago to Miami – and staying overnight for 8 hours Miami to San Juan, Puerto Rico San Juan, PR to St Thomas, US Virgin Islands (Which of course was delayed and late) Then taking a taxi from the ST Thomas airport to the ferry station (The taxi ride is 10$ USD, and ... Read More »