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What to do in Antigua Guatemala : Go to the Mercado to make lunch


When you’re in one place for a couple weeks, you eventually develop a routine. With Mitchell around, the idea of wild adventure travelling was pretty much thrown out of the equation. However, I do love cooking when I have the chance to do so. Walking from the house to the Mercado here in Antigua takes about 5 minutes. At first, …

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Where to eat in Antigua Guatemala : El Viejo Cafe review


After a week in Antigua Guatemala, everyone has recommendations for great breakfast places. I’ve always found that the best recommendations will come from other service providers or owners in the food business. After having a couple drinks at Kafka, I was chatting with Kevin (one of the owners) and he recommended El Viejo Cafe as one of his “go-to” places …

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Where to eat in Antigua Guatemala : Cactus Tacos review


In Antigua Guatemala, you can find a lot of patios but not a lot of sidewalk bars. You know why? There aren’t many sidewalks because the streets are cobblestoned and there isn’t much walkway.  However on our way to 7A Norte a couple nights ago, we passed by Cactus Tacos and I made a note about trying them, since I’m …

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Where to eat in Antigua Guatemala : Jardin Bavaria review


It was back to Jardin Bavaria today for lunch after breakfast at Fernando’s. I’ve always liked coming here at least once during an Antigua trip. My original post : http://www.rishiray.com/another-installment-of-eating-in-jardin-bavaria-antigua/ Today, however wasn’t the greatest meal I had there because of a misalignment of expectations. Customer have expectations and when you see something on the menu that you know … …

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The Antigua Guatemala McDonald’s is the best on the planet …


I’ll preface this post with a video. I am not a fan of McDonalds regardless of their marketing campaign about the quality of food. That being said, I am a fan of great location, great service and an experience and the Antigua Guatemala McDonald’s location is easily the best McDonald’s I’ve seen on the planet. It is one of the best …

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Semana Santa Antigua Guatemala 2015 … Good Friday is done


It’s 8pm and the drums are still going. If you’re looking to sleep during Semana Santa in Antigua Guatemala … you’re looking in the wrong place. At least, our accommodations aren’t in the middle of the preparations or celebrations, but the cymbals and drums are !@$$! annoying, especially since they aren’t very good. This is really the first time, I’ve …

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