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La Fortuna Waterfalls : Arenal (Cataratas La Fortuna)

Waterfalls are always a good time … if not for the swimming and the pictures you can take while at the waterfalls, usually the process is somewhat painless, some stiff walking and you’re there in no time. The La Fortuna Waterfall is no different and offers a nice little adventure and some wonderful scenery. The waterfall is located about 5 1/2 kilometers from the town, hidden in a lush green environment. The fall has a drops about 70-75 meters and is located at the base of the dormant Cerro Chato Volcano. The 70-meter ribbon of water falls into a great swimming hole, ... Read More »

Hot Springs in Arenal

The hot springs around Arenal are definitely one of the highlights of going to Arenal. We spent a couple hours at Baldi’s … The Baldi Hot Springs are easily the most expansive hot spring facilities in the Arenal Volcano area. There are many different walking paths and gardens, and there is a combination of large and small pools with cascading waterfalls. They’re located a short way from La Fortuna (less than 10 minutes by car), was definitely quite the fun excursion. It cost $25 per person for entry, plus drinks/food. It is made up of 20-plus pools of differering temperatures, from ... Read More »

When going is as good as coming?

After all the fun of a random night of barhopping  in Tamarindo Beach, which consisted of going from the Pacifico Bar to Sharkeys, who knew that the real fun was to come. To get my flight from San Jose back to St Louis through Houston, I had to get from Tamarindo Beach to San Jose in less than 6 hours assuming that I left at 6am in the morning. Seeing that me and the guys didn’t pull into Tamarindo until 8pm, this would be a huge stretch. My new plan was to catch a flight from Liberia to San Jose ... Read More »

Zip-lining over Monteverde Cloud Forest …

Zip-lining over Monteverde Cloud Forest …

With the best intentions after a long night of drinking and watching the volcano erupt last night, we got on the road at 9.30am to Monteverde. Saying bye to Freddie and Teresa was hard … only after 36 hours, they treated Lev and I like family … they definitely made Arenal better than we ever could imagine. Getting from Arenal to Monteverde is not easy … in fact, it is the dog’s breakfast of driving. It was slow going because the roads are absolutely terrible. Lesson #1 in Costa Rica : If you’re driving, spend the extra money and get a reliable 4X4 ... Read More »

Where to stay in Arenal? Don’t look anywhere else but the Arenal Lodge … (Arenal Lodge Review)

The logical answer based on the one place I stayed in Arenal, would be the Arenal Lodge. I can’t review every single place in Arenal and I can’t offer an opinion on all the places in Arenal. What I can let readers know, is that if every hotel owner/manager treated my crew as well as Teresa and Freddie did at the Arenal Lodge, then I really wouldn’t want to come back home. Here’s Freddie in his ATV-ing glory!!! Logistics If you’re trying to find the Lodge at night, then you’re in for a challenge, as it isn’t the easiest place to ... Read More »

Getting to Arenal …

After my long journey with the delay to get to San Jose, my luggage was delayed. Now you would think that I would a bit pissed about this, since I was delayed coming and then Continental delayed my luggage. However the customer service agents were so friendly, they offered vouchers, let me use their phones to call Lev (US Number in CR) and helped me find Wi-Fi in the airport. In the end, Lev and I met up, watched Ghana choke on penalty kicks at some rather sketchy gas station while the rental was being taken care of then proceeded on ... Read More »