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Priority Club Promo Stacking … it’s even useful in Trinidad.


For those who travel within North America and the Caribbean, staying at hotels is just part of the deal. For consultants like me, it’s part of the job. I’ve written on mileage running and points collecting as one significant method of reducing my travel cost, along with stacking upgrades. My reliable hotel choice has always been the SPG program – ...

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How I Afford to Travel as a Trinidadian?

Southern Caribbean Cruise

As a Trinidadian, the one question I get asked a lot is “How do you afford to travel so much?”. I generally try to redirect or reframe the question into … “How did you manage to structure your mind to enable a life of travel?”. So here is what I didn’t have … Rich parents who gave me tons of ...

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How to start a new IT consulting project …


I got a great email last week, where the Trinidadian author basically asked to me explain how I can bounce from client to client in my line of work and be continually successful. This was a timely one, as I start a new project at a new client this week in Moncton, New Brunswick. I have an orientation checklist that ...

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Air Canada Onboard Compensation Form


When you fly often enough, things tend to go wrong in your plane. 100% of the time, you hope that it will be issues with the service, food or entertainment onboard. When things happen onboard … you have the right to complain. On Air Canada, if you’re persistent enough, you might be given a green form called the Onboard Compensation ...

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213 life lessons learned, while speaking Trini across the world …


It’s been 16 years since I left Trinidad. That’s a long time to leave home … but I still get compliments about how fresh my accent is. I always get comments such as : “You don’t sound like you’re from Trinidad at all” “Your Trini accent is made up, right?” “Is that what Trinidadians sound like? I have another friend ...

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Travel blogging is hard … especially when you’re not travelling!


It’s a rainy day here in Toronto. It’s a bit bleak and I’ve been sitting at my computer working away for a couple hours. I haven’t really written anything related to travel for almost 2 months. Of course, that corresponds to the last time I was away on vacation or on a real trip. It’s ironic that going to Montreal ...

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5 surprise expenses for travellers … and surprise in a shitty way

Visa fees Visas are required for Canadian citizens traveling to some major countries, and the fees can really escalate. Countries like Brazil charges Canadians citizens, a “reciprocity fee” (which is basically a “you want to fuck with our citizens and charge them an arm and a leg to get in your country, then you can take the same thing back ...

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