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Exeter : 5.30am

Well this was an early start to the morning, so got to the station, and proceeded to crash all through the 3.30 hr train ride to the south of England. The weather was absolute rubbish though: cold, damp and muggy…hence typical English weather!! Checked in at the hotel at about 9.30 or so, and then got to work for about …

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London – 9am in the hotel room

This was a busy, busy morning, since I was booked in London but there was mass confusion at the HC-UK office and no client visits were scheduled and hence I was being seriously stressed out by Heather, but some IMs between Alan and I, cleared up things nicely. A call from Scott also helped to realign things quickly and it …

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Arriving in London – about close to midnight

No big sets of worries here, got in fine, no customs troubles, which I expected having come in from Israel. No issues with the tube from Heathrow and no issues getting to the hotel. However, the Thistle Victoria hotel, is a grand old hotel in the middle of London, but it is OLD… did I say Old? I meant dusty …

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Taking the Chunnel!!!

One of the things about going from London to Paris is the actual journey through the Chunnel. One would think, it would be much faster to fly from London to Paris and those ‘ones’ would be correct… it is faster, but why would I fly when I have little money and travelling through the Chunnel is something that one should do, if just for the …

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