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So in Firenza last night….going to Pisa in the morning..

Going to Pisa now…. after Chinese food last night and tons of shopping. Blog entry to follow about how I will never ever understand women! What makes a purse nice or not, what makes a briefcase/laptop bag trendy for me, when the original sticker price is 400 euros.. like seriously?!

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6 hours to Firenze now…meh…

Well woke up at 6 this morning, unshowered and still reeking of sea salt yeterday..bleck! Couple things are apparent… 1.   If I dont go to the gym, I feel like mush… seriously 2.   Pasta, bread and what not, while amazing here and all, doesnt not make a body good!! 3.   Sea salt and clothes don’t work together 4.   Money doesn’t grow …

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Walking with the Gods and a midnight picnic on the Amalfi Jetty

A note one should take with them: When you ask people, how to get somewhere and they point up…like I mean they point directly up to a far off point in the mountains, then they snicker and look at you and snicker again, it doesn’t matter what language you speak… this is universal for “stupid tourist, no one does what …

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Wait!! I woke up this morning in Amalfi!? Seriously!!!!!

May 26th 2008 7.30am: Buono sera from the Amalfi Coast! I’m just having breakfast here on the amazing open area of our hotel overlooking the Amalfi Coast and beach. Coming here from Salerno last night, I happened to look over the view in the dark and this drive is stunning beyond belief. Even in the dark, a couple things came …

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