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2 hours in Mdina, Malta … that’s all you’ll need

Mdina, the old capital of Malta and the oldest city is located in the middle of the island in the highest region. It is definitely a throwback in time, which is why it’s a very popular place for filming. People are very proud of the movies and will tell you immediately what’s been filmed here, listing off Gladiator with Russell …

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Having fish and chips in Marsaxlokk, Malta

Roaming Malta for a day or so will lead to many walled cities, tons of history, lots of limestone hourse and then Marsaxlokk. It’s pronounced Mar – sa – shlock”, which took me about 30 mins to figure out how to pronounce, is a small picturesque village in the south eastern coast of Malta. It’s known as the ‘fishing village’ …

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13 quick, random thoughts from our Mediterranean cruise

After spending the last 13 days on a cruise ship, I’m glad to be back on solid land. After all those days going on shore excursions, you get a little stir crazy being on the boat If you’re going to eat like a beast, you better workout and go on tons of shore excursions else you’re going to get fat …

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Malta is a country not a drink … fuh real!

Growing up in Trinidad, customers would come to my parents shop and ask for a “Malta”. In Trinidad, when someone says, “Gimme ah cold Malta“, it always refers to the drink and nothing else. It was only at age 9, that I found a page for Malta in my Stamp Collection along with some historical facts and population demographics, so …

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