On the road to nowhere, you better know how you came there….

This should be watchwords for everyone… regardless of circumstances, but today on day 6 of the Icelandic Express passing through. Getting out of the house this morning was something else, especially since blogging for two hours since 6.15am. So on the way to Fontur, the road is quite rough but we thought hey this car is a 4X4 and it …

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thoughts by the end of Day 4….

full travelogue to follow but random thoughts so far The same way Americans have Mexicans in the US to do certain things for them, I have decided that I must find each countries version of Mexicans, hence: The Polish are the Mexicans of Iceland The Guyanese are the Mexicans of Trinidad The Indians are the Mexicans of Germany The Algerians …

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We're in Reykjavik safely…..but…..

Now on to our adventure… so far…but I do love Couchsurfing! Lev lost his luggage…. but we just found a place to stay with Andrea on CouchSurfing.. so we’re having Fried Cod for dinner…and Bragi Jonsson just joined us for Breakfast. We’re at Prikid Cafe here in Downtown Reykjavik, Bragi Jonsson came to meet us! Man is it a great …

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