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My 138 item travel bucket list


Every year, I try to update my old bucket list page … and it gets tougher and tougher each year. As I knock things off my bucket list, I add harder and harder things to the list. Years ago, I thought I would chronicle my experience/bucket list just like so many others before me … nothing special really, just a …

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Signs of Bahranis


Bahrain is a place of contrasts … here are some Signs of Bahranis The island is practically all desert with no natural water table yet they have golf courses and houses with lawns. Note I said “courses”, meaning plural. The nation has one of the highest average GDPs in the world yet also has a well known “indentured slave” situation. …

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My Tree of Life odyssey in Bahrain

Tree of Life Sign

Odyssey : a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune I don’t know what Bahrain looked like 100 yrs ago, but I’m sure the phrases “shitty desert wasteland” were muttered by some people. In fact, once you leave the environs of the ridiculously overbuilt Manama City, you’ll see a lot of wasteland, arid desert and sparse …

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Mileage running thoughts to Bahrain


I try to stay away from “stream of consciousness” writing. On a travel blog, it’s difficult to follow and doesn’t serve a clear purpose. That being said, travelling is the only true education … You can’t dismiss things that you see with your own eyes or tales you hear first hand. You do learn to question history as written in …

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Visa Information for Bahrain


Visa Information for Bahrain : Entry Visas : Foreign nationals may enter Bahrain with a tourist visa (for individuals or groups), 72 – hour visa, 7 – day visa, visit visa, business visa, family visa, dependent visa, or an employment visa. Generally all types of visas (except certain categories of tourist visas which can be obtained from Consulates abroad) are …

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Drinking coffee in Bahrain …


Normally, when going to a new country, it’s pretty easy to find stuff to do … but when one has to condense a visit into 23 hours, you really have to prioritize your options and know your customs. Hey Trinis … here is some information about Bahrain, that you might not have known…aside that we beat them up in a …

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Toronto to Bahrain … Mileage Running from a Trini perspective


If you ask most Trinidadians about Bahrain … they’re probably going to tell you that, we beat them in a World Cup decider 1-0 to qualify for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. This is the most famous goal in Trinidad’s football history. That being said … most Trinis will know nothing else of this tiny Arab nation. Until …

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Wednesday Photo Nights #16 : Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia, Turkey


Wandering through Turkey, you’re going to end up seeing fairy chimneys in Cappadocia! It’s absolutely inevitable! You’re also going to head to Goreme – which is a town of cave dwellers (people live in caves … so do tourists), even more fairy chimneys, rock-cut churches adorned with ancient Christian frescoes and underground cities. I’ve seen photos of the famous ‘fairy …

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Taxi to Ephesus from Kusadasi : How much should it cost?


You’ll need a taxi to Ephesus from Kusadasi, if you’re there on a cruise. If you’ve come here from my 10 steps for DIY visit to Ephesus post – you’ll still need to get that taxi. The one thing in this part of the world, is that you’ll have to haggle and negotiate everything. I have no issues battling it …

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