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Hot air balloons + Cappadocia, Turkey = Bucket List experience

Cappadocia is a pretty amazing place.  You’ll hear it described as a Martian landscape (as if we really know – even with the Mars Landing and all going on) or even a Lunar landscape … from pictures I’ve seen, it’s not too far from that. The rocks are weird, they have been whittled into strange shapes, the pigeon hole caverns …

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Le Meridien Istanbul Etiler review – Suite 2802

Got in late here into Istanbul, but had to drop a couple words and pictures on our suite here at the Le Meridien Istanbul Etiler. Once again, my loyalty has been rewarded with yet another Cash and Points stay at a decent great Category 5 hotel. The check in service was excellent and as a brand spanking new hotel, it’s also …

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13 quick, random thoughts from our Mediterranean cruise

After spending the last 13 days on a cruise ship, I’m glad to be back on solid land. After all those days going on shore excursions, you get a little stir crazy being on the boat If you’re going to eat like a beast, you better workout and go on tons of shore excursions else you’re going to get fat …

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Turkey, I’m coming for you … planning 72 hours in Istanbul

Well I can’t say I’m not excited by my upcoming Turkish adventure, coming on the heels of a three week spree through Finland,Estonia, Latvia and then directly on to Guatemala and El Salvador. The following weeks look something like this Finland, Estonia and Latvia :  June 28th – July 5th Guatemala & El Salvador : July 5th – July 15th …

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The 10 Steps to planning a DIY tour of Ephesus

So you’re planning to a DIY Tour of Ephesus, and you have common questions and you don’t know where to turn for answers. Well this is how I felt today, when I was looking at options for visiting Ephesus. There is so much stuff that is written on the place and there are so many tourist facilities for visiting Ephesus, that …

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