How much is #RDMission100-7 costing me?

My last huge mission was getting to Antarctica. It wasn’t cheap … here’s a reminder of the cost … link This trip is nowhere near the same … it’s even more. Like crazy more … Going around New Zealand and getting to Australia is on my bucket list since I’m a huge Lord of the Rings fan and I wanted …

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#RDMission100-7 : Celebrity Solstice Cruise Day 2 : Bay of Islands, NZ

It’s the following 8 days into our trip4.5 years I’ve aged in the last week7 hours since I’ve scolded Mitchell for not listening to an explicit instruction, hitting his sister or giving his opinion18 timeouts this morning for Mitchell1st morning on the boat here in the Bay of Islands Couple observations on our vacation experience so far Travelling with kids …

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#RDMission100-7 : Day 2 – Getting from PEI to Los Angeles

Family travelling is like being a Project Manager with the worst clients ever. Have you ever had a nightmare client, where they Don’t give a F about deadlines or budgetShow no gratitude : What do you mean you flew 8 hours to Disneyland, cramped up, had to take you to the bathroom 6 times and change your sister’s diaper 3 …

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