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Travel blogging is hard … especially when you’re not travelling!

Travel blogging is hard … especially when you’re not travelling!

It’s a rainy day here in Toronto. It’s a bit bleak and I’ve been sitting at my computer working away for a couple hours. I haven’t really written anything related to travel for almost 2 months. Of course, that corresponds to the last time I was away on vacation or on a real trip. It’s ironic that going to Montreal ... Read More »

At the Copa! Copacabana….

So after a long day’s work, Jeff and I decided to try and head up to Sugarloaf for some nightshooting. We thought that we had enough time to make it from Caesar Park to the mountain but of course Rio’s famous rush hour traffic put paid to that thought. So as a detour, we decided that it would be feasible ... Read More »

Feijoada at where else….Casa de Feijoada!

After starting off the trip with wanting to try Feijoada at the Caesar Park (since it is reputed to have some of the best in the city), Laura and I went off for dinner at one of the only places in Rio that serves the meal daily – Casa de Feijoada. With little more than a couple slices of mango ... Read More »

Where’s the girl from Ipanema?

Ipanema and its beach are known for its views, waves and beautiful bodies. Walking along the two mile beach, it was impossible not to notice the Brazilian men with chiseled bodies (If you base Brazil on what you see on this beach, you’ll thing that all Brazilians run, have 8-packs and do weights and exercise on the beach) and skimpy ... Read More »

Pao de Azucar at night…

Pao de Azucar at night…

This is another one of those tourist attractions that doesn’t need much explaining or blogging. It is pretty much the following sequence of events: You go You ride You take pictures You ponder for a while You have a drink You ponder for while You talk with strangers about the view You take more pictures You ride down Look at ... Read More »

Daytripping to Petropolis

Updated 29/7/2011: Here is a link to great new hostel in Petropolis that I would stay at : Samambaia Hostel Dec 5th, 2009 Up in the mountains about an hour away from Rio is the historical town of Petropolis. This town was the summer home of the Dom Pedro II and the  Imperial family of Brazil.The climate is fresh and ... Read More »

Oink Oink! Porcao Rios…..

I think this picture captures the essence of Porcao Rios. Porcao means “Big Pig” and they seriously are all about the animal there, as long as it has 4 legs, they will cook it and serve it.  After a long week working, this was the perfect little end of the week here… tons of fresh salads, fresh sashimi (the sashimi ... Read More »

Always ask what the hell you’re eating….

Whether one is passing through a city for work or play, hopefully you end up meeting some locals and heading out to a bar or restaurant. The thing is that the first instinct one has when entering a restaurant is to look at the menu and order the most familiar thing on the menu. This is why the average vacationer ... Read More »

What’s going on at 4.30am on Ipanema..

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Escalators, trains and cans of Olive Oil at Christ the Redeemer

Escalators, trains and cans of Olive Oil at Christ the Redeemer

We live in an age of convenience and instant gratification. More is done with less and efficiency is one of the prime tenets of a successful business venture. However, when one goes to a world famous tourist attraction but is then greeted by a train, then an elevator and then two escalators, you have to wonder about the romance of tourism ... Read More »