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Ask a Trini : Sweat Rice vs other scary foods

As a travelling man, you take the good and the challenging in the same bucket. When you roam across the planet, you also end up eating many strange things. In many ways, I don’t mind the challenge of these strange foods. Here are some highlights from my travels … In the Phillippines, I’ve eaten Sisig and Balut. Sisig was actually …

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The Secret of Travelling Trinis … 10 jobs to enable your travel dreams

It’s Tuesday and you’re bored at home or you’re fed up with traffic on the highway  or you’re just thinking about changing scenes because you’re tired of the same liming spots with the same conversations. What better way to shake things up, than by changing everything and just leaving Trinidad for some adventures across the globe – to be that …

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The Trini guide to Whiskey drinking

As much as I love travelling, drinking whiskey is the perfect accoutrement to the road. The funny thing is that as a Trinidadian, drinking whisky isn’t in our blood, nor is it in our minds. The general Trini has no f’n clue about what the difference between Scotch and Whiskey is (hint : there is none) or what constitutes a …

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Robbed while traveling? Here’s the why and why not!

Robbed while traveling? I’m sure this is a concern or even a travel story that you’ve heard from friends. There aren’t many things I hate more than thieves who steal from travellers. Among my hated list: Pedophiles and rapists … there should be a separate level of hell for those creatures. People who have phone conversations in the theaters Waiters …

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Online Inferiority Complexes

Top 10,20,30 lists are all the rage in travel writing. It’s much easier to come up with criticisms of any list, than come up with the list itself. This being said, through my Huffington Post account, I stumbled on the following article. 30 Things Travelers Must See and Do Before They’re 30 It’s kind of a crock of shit … …

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A Trini’s ABCs of Travel

On all the travel blogs, The Travel ABCs is a sort of game going round the blogosphere, one of those “credential” post that travel bloggers make (like an accent tag on YouTube). I see it as a combined self-examination exercise and travellers’ curriculum vitae. A bit like my credentials for presuming to blog about travel to an unsuspecting public. I’ve …

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