#RDMission100-7 : Celebrity Solstice Cruise Day 2 : Bay of Islands, NZ

It’s the following 8 days into our trip4.5 years I’ve aged in the last week7 hours since I’ve scolded Mitchell for not listening to an explicit instruction, hitting his sister or giving his opinion18 timeouts this morning for Mitchell1st morning on the boat here in the Bay of Islands Couple observations on our vacation experience so far Travelling with kids …

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Is the Budapest Card worth it? Exploring Budapest with the Budapest Card

Tourism in European cities tends to be very organized. The national and city tourism boards tend to do a great job at packaging, especially when it comes to creating a pass that works. For instance, Parks Canada offers a wonderful pass that is both useful and highly cost effective for families. You can find my 2014 review below (note, that …

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Guest Post : On Being a Food Douche in Israel

On Being a Food Douche in Israel By: Anabelle Harari It wasn’t until I read Rishi’s eloquent post about being a food douche that I realized that I in fact was one too. You see, when you surround yourself with foodies, constantly are up to date with the latest food trends, diets, nutrition, and can comb through what is real …

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